July 8th--First Home Meet!

Our first homeýmeet is almost here!ý We still are in needýof volunteers.ý Please note that 2 of the concessions volunteers will work the icee machine for each half.ý Special thanks to Michelle Bright for being our concessions manager andýto Missy Norvell for mentoring her onýher first meet!ý I know it's aýheavy lift and totally appreciateýyour extra effort!

Jude will need help at 8 pmýon Friday to help set up all that we can set up the night before.

Swimmersýshould arrive by 7 a.m. to check in to the Clerk of Course (zoo) and warm ups will begin at 7:15.

Below is a link to theývolunteer page.ý Please help get all of the slots filled before the meet!ý THANK YOU FOR ALL THATýOF YOUR HELP!ý It truly takes a village to support the swim team!