Team Photos

Individual and photos are planned for Monday, July 10.
Team photos are scheduled before our meet on Tuesday, July 11.
All 3 practices on Monday July 10th. 
We would encourage those who want to order photos to have their swimmers wear the team suits if they have them on Monday. 
If anyone is unable to practice that day during their scheduled time and you want pictures, you can show up at any of the sessions that are convenient to just get the photo taken.
For the Monday practice day, please try to  arrive in their swimsuits ready to go, or arrive a little early to have time to change - this just to reduce cutting into practice too much.
An order form and a photo of the product board is attached.
All swimmers who are in the team photo, will receive one 5x7 team photo per family at no cost.  Coaches will receive a free 5x7 team photo if they would like one.
Those who wish to order any other photos or product should bring their order form with payment to Monday's practice.  Orders will also be accepted the night of the team photo.  Unfortunately, we are  unable to accept any orders after that time, as we need to meet a cost minimum for each order.
For the team photo on Tue July 11th it would be best to try to have the swimmers there in team suits ready to go by 4:45. 

Photo Order Form