Important Info about Tonight's Meet and Location

​Locations:      Honey Bee Golf Course

                        2500 S. Independence Blvd

                        Virginia Beach, VA  23456


Parking:  Inside the old tennis courts (reserved for away team)

​Check in to Zoo:  no later than 5:15

​Warm Ups:  5:30

​Officials Meeting:  5:45

​Meet Begins:  6:00

​Concessions:  Yes.  There will be normal concession food 


Note from the Stingrays about tonight’s meet—PLEASE READ SO WE COMPLY WITH THEIR RULES!

I'd like to welcome you and the Cheshire Forest Flying Fish to Honey Bee Golf Course for our swim meet (July 11) with the Stingrays Swim Team.

Here's some information about the meet.  Just as a side note, this is the first time in years that Honey Bee has allowed a summer swim meet, and they are on high alert to make sure everything goes according to their guidelines, or we will lose the ability to host meets.

Parking is limited at the facility to two lots: the first option is inside the old tennis court, which we will reserve for you and your team; the second is the main lot, but only up to the end of the pool building.  We MUST leave the remaining spaces for regular golf course traffic.  We CANNOT park in the circle/apartments, or along South Independence.  Overflow parking will be guided to the neighborhood across the street from Independence--a reasonable walk away.



Once inside the pool area, we have two bleacher areas.  The visitor side will be the bleachers right as you enter, the home side will be on the far side of the pool.  There is plenty of deck space for chairs if you wish.  Our swimmers' behavior is going to be scrutinized by the facility.  There can be no running, climbing of fences, or any general horseplay at the facility--we have been warned several times.  Also, and this probably goes without saying, but no pets, smoking, or alcohol on deck.  We will have general dinner concessions available.  Because we've been asked by the league not to use the blocks, we'll start all races at the opposite end of the pool--there is plenty of deck space for your zoo there.



We are expecting between 100 and 120 swimmers from our team for this meet.  Please send your entries to me by Sunday night (July 9) so I can seed the meet and get your files back to you on Monday night.

The Stingrays will warm up between 5:15 and 5:30.  Your team's warm-up is from 5:30-5:45.  We'll plan on our officials and timers meeting at 5:45 and beginning the meet promptly at 6:00.  We'll have a guppy relay at half time, followed by an adult relay, as long as the weather and schedule is cooperating.  We aim to finish the meet between 10:00 and 10:30.