meet entries for Flying Fish vs Timberlake - home meet Saturday 15th July

The meet entries for this coming Saturday have been posted. here 

FRIDAY SET UP:  Jude is out of town so I'm the lead right now on set up and will need help!  Please come to the clubhouse at 7:30 on Friday to help!  More hands makes light work!  Plus I need someone's eye for detail on the set up!


6:30 arrival for finishing touches of set up.

​by 7:00 a.m.:  signed in to Clerk of Course

7:15 a.m.:  Swimmers Warm Ups

​7:45 a.m.: Officials Meeting

8:00 a.m.:  Meet Start

​Half-time:  Adult Relays--we need to have at least one.  You know you want to do it!  :)

​If you haven't signed up for a job during the meet, please do so.  Last I looked, we still needed a few timers, stroke and turn, a lot for the zoo.  I loved working the zoo--you get to know the kids--don't believe the bad press!  Plus, Paula Harville has it all under control, she just needs runners to get the kids to the zoo and then to get them to the chairs.

​Thank you so much to all of you for your support this summer!  I truly appreciate it.  I am ill-equipped for this role and couldn't do it without your support!  THANK YOU!!!