Parking Will Be Tight for DACA meet at Saratoga High

Recommendation: Carpool to DACA Meet at Saratoga High


There will be a very limited number of parking spaces available in the portion of the lot directly next to the McAfee Center.  There is NO PARKING on Herriman Avenue or Saratoga Avenue.  All overflow parking must be in the neighborhood across the street.  Please plan to carpool as much as possible and to be courteous of the neighbors when parking on the street.  The attached map shows the areas affected by the closure, dropoff and pickup locations, as well as the path to the pool.

All tent set-up will be in the Quad area on Saturday, July 15 because of  a football camp taking place at Saratoga High School.  There will be NO SET-UP permitted between the pool and tennis courts or on the blacktop/grassy hill area behind the pool facility.  There will be NO SET-UP on Friday Night.  The pool will be open at about 6:30 a.m.  Saturday.  The quad area is noted on the attached map.

Please follow all posted signs, both in the pool area and in the parking lot and do not walk across the construction zone.