Progressive Dinner Information!

 Quick Message regarding the 1st annual VW SCAVENGER HUNT!

All 13-18 year olds (who have not informed coaches they are NOT attending) have been divided into teams listed below:  WHITE, RED, AND BLACK led by Coach Emily and Team Captains Calle & Alec!  Teams will be asked to answer trivia, complete challenges, and collect VW "items" along the path of the three houses.  Please keep these rules in mind:

1 - once you collect/claim an item, your team must stay in possession of said item.  We strongly encourage duffle bags/backpacks.  

2 - items to collect are in the MAIN PORTION of the house and should be located in PLAIN SIGHT -- swimmers are not permitted to roam host homes.  

3 - Parents can watch the events unfold on our VW FB PAGE!  Stay tuned ... event begins at 5:30 Sunday night!

3 -- WHITE, RED AND BLACK teams will have tables designated AT THE POOL for their team to gather at to defend their hunt immediately following dinner.  (Judges listed with teams)


Captain:  Emily Daly

Karyss Gordon

Maisie Biles

Ben Shroeder

Luke Wilson

Daniel Allen

Harlan Jackson

Sarah Huffstutler

Caroline Owens

Ben Denman-Grimm

Joshua Huang

Reilly Blanton

Ella Stux

Megan Rourke

Judge:  Evan



Captain:  Calle Biles

Emma Smith

Patrick Kenney

Jack Rourke

Abby Sullivan

Jules McHenry

Alex Roman

Andrew Denman-Grimm

Lucy Bowman

Lauren Spehlman

Jay Schraml

PJ Pearson

Matthew Pearson

Caroline Fitzpatrick


Judge:  Sidney



Captain:  Alec Biles

Reilly Rourke (?)

Anna Miller

Wyatt Gormson

Sarah Kim

Maddy Sullivan

Jack Peterson

Nick Ruszkowski

Eddie Burrows

Tess Brinkman

Caroline Fitzpatrick

Sarah Kazden

Sammie McCarthy

Hannah Denman-Grimm


Judge:  Michelle