DIVE TEAM competes for Division Championship on Tuesday, 7/25!

After four meets, Vienna Woods is tied with Sideburn Run for the Division 1 Team Championship.  These two dynamic teams meet up Tuesday night July 25th to decide who takes home the championship trophy at the Division 1 Championship meet.  

Mansion House, Sideburn Run and Vienna Woods had been tied until meet #4.  

Mansion House defeated both Vienna Woods (35-32) and Sideburn Run (38-34) earlier in the season but couldn't hold onto their lead when they went up against Walden Glen last Tuesday.   Mansion House lost to Walden Glen 28-44.  Ironically, Vienna Woods and Sideburn Run both defeated Walden Glen during the season.  

With Mansion House's loss last week, that leaves Vienna Woods and Sideburn tied going into the meet #5 of the season and both teams competing for the Division Championship.  Vienna Woods will host the Sideburn Run Sharks this Tuesday, July 25th at home.

It looks like it will be a very close meet.  Freshman Girls Marleigh daSilva & Mari Kodrowski of VW will go up against Sideburn’s Alyssa Proulx who has a top score for the season of 71.3.  Marleigh’s top score is 81.2 for the season but she may be needed in the Junior Event to outscore Sideburn’s Amanda Stalfort.  Of course Vienna's Lydia Mikhin and Camren Knicely could provide us with an upset as they've been steadily improving all season.  

In the Junior Girls event, Sideburn’s Amanda Stalfort will go up against Vienna's Isa Readyhough whose top scores are 96.25 and 100.15 respectively.  Vienna Woods Sophia Brown with top score of 95.85 is a real contender as well being only one point behind Amanda for the season. Vienna's Natalie Lauer is inching closer to those competitors too.  If she has a few really good dive rounds she could pull out an upset! 

Vienna Wood’s Freshman boys, Ivor Brown (top score 98.1) and Dylan Paci (top score 88.6) will easily outscore Sideburn Run's Nicholas Shivik who has a top score of 78.9 if all goes well.  With that contest potentially underhand, will Coach Jenni have Ivor Brown dive up to help the Juniors instead?  Battling for second and third are Vienna's Dominic Knicely (73.35), Ethan Hudak (61.15), Cru Molter (59.5) and Sideburn's Lincoln Novy (65.6), Walker Littleton (62.45), and Finsley Cosgriff (61.75).  One good back dive could put them on the map!

The Junior Boys event will likely be a contest between Sideburn’s Bryce Donovan (top score 102) and either Ivor Brown (top Junior score: 130) or Nick or Noah Wanzer (top scores 114.35 and 104.9 respectively).  It is likely that Nick Wanzer will be needed for the Intermediate event to go up against Sideburn’s Sam Flory (top score 181.8) and Luke Shivik (top score 157.85) unless Jenni decides to give up that event to Sideburn Run and concentrate on the Juniors. The Vienna Woods Juniors could likely sweep this event!

The Intermediate Girls event will be a contest between Vienna Woods Reilly Blanton (top score 155.35) and Sideburn's Madeline Hitchcock (top score 133.05).  Vienna's Elizabeth McNiff (top score 132.3) will be out of town.  Second and Third place could be a battle between Vienna Woods Jessica Fritsch (126.7) or Samantha Khan (123.4) and Sideburn's Amanda Stalfort (120.6), Meghan Shivik (114.6), Cassandra Moore (113.2) or Anna Littleton (107.75).

Vienna’s Maddy Grosz (top score 220.95) has her work cut out for her against Sideburn's Mary Grace Gould (214.1) in the Senior Girls event.  Of course Tierney Campbell (top score 184.65) could pull out a new top score - we'll have to watch and see!  

Sideburn Run is likely to sweep the Senior Boys event if all their senior boys are there to compete and nothing goes wrong for them.  Sideburn's Max Flory's top score is 278.4 and both Finn O'Dell and Kieren O'Dell's top scores are tied at 138.  All three scores easily top Vienna Woods only Senior Boy, Nick Ruszkowski whose top score is 99.3.  However, Nick has just gotten started and has been working hard on all his dives and dive difficulty so he may surprise everyone with second or third place!

It will be an exciting competition evening and one not to be missed.  All of Vienna Woods members should come out to witness this competition and cheer on all the divers.  Of course we predict that Vienna Woods will take the meet and the championship!