Divisionals--expect to get wet!

Yes, we will swim tomorrow. If we have thunder meet will halt but not cancel. If it's just rain, as is expected, we will swim thru. Here's a run down of times and help needed: 7 pm tonight:. Setting up all we can, setting up stations for other teams, bringing down all items we will use tomorrow, moving chairs that other residents aren't sitting in, signage. Pizza will be there. Byob 6:15 am tomorrow:. Finish set up By 6:45: all flying fish should have checked in. 7:. Warm ups for our team 8:. Officials meeting 8:15:meet begins We will have adult relay and adult dance off in the pool during halftime if weather permits. Otherwise we will have a 5 min turn around. If you have not signed up to work during the meet (and your child is swimming), please do so. At 6 tonight I will be making assignments. If you are working/out of town, we totally understand. This is a meet we need to have assignments done ahead of time and need all hands on deck. Thank you for your understanding. My daughter is volunteering for the half she is not swimming and we have 2 teens unrelated to swim team volunteering. We have reached out to others but haven't heard back yet. Thank you again for your support, help, and understanding. I know it's been difficult having all home meets and divisionals--expect in July. I truly appreciate all you have done. We are almost to the finish line!! Woohoo! We will be lifting glasses soon!