Wrappin' It Up, Folks!

Swimmers & Families,

What a great season!   We were undefeated in dual meets, and took first place in our Division 4 Championship Meet.   I’m very proud of all of the swimmers.  I look forward to new challenges next summer when we move into Division 3. 

For those of you who did not attend the picnic, here are some accomplishments that were recognized:

MVP Swimmers  Congratulations to the highest team point scorers in each age group: 

6-Under               Skyler Fisher and Sam Lebherz

8-Under                Amaya  Kuge and Nikola Dragic

9-10                       Maddy Harshman and Adam Baird

11-12                     Ava Wilson and Freddy Kolias

13-14                     Campbell Caldwell and Ethan Hubble

15-18                     Reilly Caldwell and Joshua Baird

Most Improved  We also gave out Most Improved awards for each age group.   These were boxes of candy, so if you got this award and you weren’t at the picnic, please get it from the team box asap!  Good Job, Swimmers!!

6-Under               Skyler Fisher and Corbin Kincaid

8-Under               MaryElla Bradford and Carter West

9-10                       Holly Orcutt and William Bradford

11-12                     Maddie Coyne and Sol Baran

13-14                     Mackenzie Coyne and Bryce Ramaekers

15-18                     Abby Losquadro and Max Smullen


Top 10 at All-Stars We had a great All-Star Meet, despite cold, rain and delays.  These swimmers placed in the Top 10 in their events:

2nd Place - Kayla Burgess 50 FR, Josh Baird 100 IM, Raegan Corcoran 50 BR, Reilly Caldwell  50 Fly

3rd Place - Josh Baird 50 FR & 50 BR, Ethan Hubble 50 FR, Frankie Lebherz 25 BR,  Reilly Caldwell 50 BK

4th Place – Lauren Edsall 50 FR, Thomas Hartinger 50 FR & 50 BK, Hugh Winchester-Dodman 25 FR, Reilly                        Caldwell 100 FR

5th Place – Luke Yeatman 50 BR, Freddy Kolias 50 BK,  Raegan Corcoran 100 FR

6th Place -  Freddy Kolias 50 FR, Amaya Kuge 25 & 50 FR, Ethan Hubble 50 BK, Nikola Dragic 25 BK, Hugh Winchester-Dodman 50 FR

7th Place - Reilly Cladwell 100 IM, Kayla Burgess, Marin Bartman 50 BR, Hugh Winchester-Dodman 25 Fly, Amay Kuge 25 Fly

8th Place – Everett Brown 50 BK, Kayla Burhgess 100 FR

9th Place – Maddy Harshman 100 IM, Hugh Winchester-Dodman 25 BR, Campbell Caldwell 50 BK

10th Place – Amaya Kuge 25 BR

Great Job, All-Stars!

If you were not at the picnic, stop in to the guard office and look in the family box.  Your awards & certificates are in your family folder.   12-Unders received a trophy, and 13-Olders received a string bag.  The All-Star awards will be in the box on Monday.

Thank you, Pam Wilson, for another great year as President!  You do so much work behind the scenes for the team – you are amazing!  I want to also thank all of the Board members who volunteered their time to benefit the team.  It’s hard to understand the hours and hours that go into making this team run smoothly until you have done it.  You all did a great job!  Thank you for your work.  

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!   I hope to see you all again next year!

Go Barracudas!

Coach Holly