SOLO Finishing Fantastic Year at Far Westerns!

SOLO puts another fine year down in the record books!

As in all seasons we take a look from the top down. See where our swimmers finished on the top stage of USA Swimming. Evaluate the things that helped lead to the outcome. Take a look at the up and comming starting swimmers to see if they are developing the skills. Then most importantly make the adjustments to the new things that we learn from swimming as a whole. Swimmers keep getting faster, and we must help our children by adjusting the SOLO program for their benefit!

This is a picture of what things look like at the top. Having lunch wtih the Schloss sisters between the trials and finals of the Far Western Championships. This years meet saw teams travel from Canada and Mexico, as well as other states. The meet was really fast and SOLO was not to be turned away from the party!

Kaelyn swam both the 100 & 200 breast and had solid performances in both. While Lulu was able to drop her team records and make finals finishing 7th in the 200, and 5th in both the 50 & 100 breast.

Check This Out: When your racing at this level thigs get crazy! If you can recall Michael Phelps was able to win his record number of medals due to a finger nail finish in the fly. And thats how important the little things are. And why we teach instead of just train. Well Lulu had the same experience in the 50 breast. She was able to drop from a 38.09 which was 18th place AAA time to finish second in trials with a 35.90 AAAA time the top in USA Levels. In finals the she was so excited and in the lead that she took the extra stroke at the wall. And that made the difference, but she was able to drop time! The first place prelim person added .05 to her time and took second. While the rest of the swimmers bounced around. So the difference was all less then .1 per place, crazy! First was 35.4, then .5, .6, .7 and .8 with Lulu still getting to the wall just .03 ahead of the next swimmer! Awesome!

Congratulations to Lulu and Kaelyn, you were both amazing, thank you!

Thank you also to the Swimmers, Parents and Coaches for making this year so much fun! Looking forward to year 28 for myself with SOLO. It's has been a life to dream living!