End of the Season Thank You

Thank You: 

The Entire Board: Leslie, Sharon, Ofer, Erin and JoAnn. Everything that you do for this team is appreciated. You spend countless hours making sure we have a team and your support this year to the coaching staff and swimmers does not go unnoticed. 

The Parents: without you bringing us your swimmers every morning we would not have swimmers to coach. Thank you for entrusting us with your swimmers. We look forward to more hours with them in the pool in the future. 

Thank you to the swimmers for coming to the pool and spending time with us. We had such a great summer getting to know each of you and helping you improve your swimming techniques. We loved seeing  both your successes and your struggles in the pool and out. Each success and each failure make you who you are and you can learn from both. They make you a stronger person and develop you for the future. Have a great school year! 

Thank you to Conlin Ripperda for DJing the end of the season party. Having the music at the party was just perfect. The kids loved dancing to the tunes. If you are looking for a great DJ you need to talk with Conlin Productions. You can reach him at 630-715-8090. 

Thank you to everyone that brought something for the end of the season party and spending time together as a team outside of the competion pool.