JO Max

We just finished a great JO Max meet where CAST won 3rd place in the Southern Division!  Congrats to all the swimmers.  We took a photo of those around at the end of the meet and reviewing them, perhaps we should have given the trophy to one of the girls to hold.  Out of 5 photos only 1 had all the kids looking at the camera.

Out of 191 individual swims there were 137 best times and 29 kids who swam something they had never swam before!

I was also really proud of how supportive the kids were of each other.  It was a joy to see that we very rarely had a CAST swimmer swimming with out a cheering squad.  The winers of the cheering awards were Tess, Emily & My.  Great job earning those stars everyone!

Also, a special thanks to Cristina, Michael, Emily & Jared for mentoring our new swimmers through the check in, warm up and entire meet process!

Finally, thanks to all the parents for ensuring your kids ate healthy, stayed hydrated, and didn't get sunburned.  

Looking forward to starting off a new season at the end of August.  Enjoy a short break and start thinking about next season's goals!