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Financial Changes for OMNI Swim Club

At our December, 2017 Board Meeting, the following changes were approved:

Dues: The dues scheduile was increased by $5.00 per week per group. Current dues structure are: Rookies - $30.00 per week ($240.00 for an 8-week session). Age Group - $35.00 per week ($280.00 for an 8-week session). Pre-Seniors and Seniors - $40.00 per week ($320.00 for an 8-week session).

Registration Fee: The registration fee of $25.00 per swimmer per session was DELETED.

Administration Fee: The administration fee of $15.00 per family per session was DELETED.

Meet Coaching Fee: A coaching fee of $7.00 per swimmer per meet was approved. (This will be charged to swimmers attending meets.)

USA Dues: Beginning September 1, 2017, swimmers will be able to purchase 2018 USA Registrations. These are required for all swimmers swimming with OMNI. Some of our swimmers already have 2017 USA Registrations that do not expire until 12/31/17. These will be updated in December of this year for all swimmers with us at that time. Some swimmers have Seasonal USA Registrations (swimmers who began with OMNI during the 2017 Summer Season). These will need to be updated to 2018 Annual USA Registrations beginning in September for those swimmers with us at that time. New swimmers to OMNI will need to purchase 2018 USA Registrations when they join OMNI. The cost for a 2018 USA Registration will be a one-time charge of $66.00 and will be billed to accounts as they become due.