Tadpole Registration Is Changing

Tadpole Sessions Will Now Be Billed Monthly

LAMVAC is ending the three-week and six-week registration cycles for Tadpole swimmers. The Tadpole session cycle will now be monthly.  The cost for Tadpole lessons at Eagle Park pool will be $150 per month.  At Foothill College pool, the cost for Tadpole lessons is $75 per month.

Note that the per-lesson cost is the same, no matter which pool your Tadpole swims at. There are more sessions held at Eagle Park pool than at Foothill College pool per month.

Tadpoles swim at Eagle Park pool four days a week, Mondays through Thursdays. They swim at Foothill College pool two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There will be no Tadpole session in December.

Also, to save Tadpole families the trouble of continually re-registering for Tadpole sessions, LAMVAC will automatically re-enroll your swimmers in subsequent sessions until you give the club Treasurer a15-day notice to cancel or suspend. 
The registration revisions will simplify the system for the LAMVAC Board (especially the Treasurer) and coaches. It is also meant to make it easier for parents to remember when payments are due and when sessions begin and end.