First 3 days Update: Level 1, 2, Junior & Novice

Hello Parents!  I wanted to provide you the expectations that I provided to each of your children.  Please find the one that corresponds to your child(ren)'s level by clicking on this link.  /cast/UserFiles/File/Expectations%20Levels.docx

Also please be sure to check the schedule.  Many kids are still showing up on the wrong days for Junior and Novice.  I understand this is a change but I want to make sure your child(ren) start making it to the practice that is best suited to them.

For Level 1 & 2 Parents ONLY: We have been talking about setting goals (see file here: /cast/UserFiles/File/Goal%20Setting.pdf).  I spoke with them about how to set S.M.A.R.T goals on Friday and today.  Ask them to explain what that means to you.  It is time for them to set their season goals.  I'd like them to have time goals set by next Monday.  I gave them a booklet to keep log their times - please give them a plastic bag to store it in so that it doesn't get wet in their bags).  Please take some time over the weekend to help them get the book set up and fill it in with their current best times and goal times for the season.  I will meet with the kids next week to talk about their specific goals.  

As always please let me know if you have questions.

Coach Tabitha