Short Course Registration and Group Placements


Returning Shorewood Swim Club Families,

Registration for the 2017-2018 Short Course Season is now open. Please go to the “Short Course Registration” on the upper right side of the website to complete the process.

There are a few common questions regarding Registration:

  1. All accounts are switched to “Inactive” following the LC Season-this is a necessary change so we can set up the new Registration.
  2. You do NOT need to login to Register-just follow the steps at the “Short Course Registration” tab
  3. After you register, it may take a few days to make your account active as we process the Registrations. You will not need to access your account during this time. If you are not active by the start of the season, please contact us
  4. The calendar is populated through Thanksgiving (although there may be some changes on Saturdays as we add the meet schedule). You do NOT need to login to access the calendar
  5. High School Girl’s should register now, rather than at the end of their HS season. There is a 5% discount for this option, and includes an option for a payment plan. This also allows HS Girl swimmers to attend any club practices during their HS season, as well as receive pertinent communications regarding meets, team apparel, etc. If you do not register now, there is no payment plan option in November, and you will not be active in the system to receive communications from the team.
  6. HS Prep boys may register now, and are exempt from the Volunteer Requirements. The fees have been raised accordingly, but these families may commit to help at our January meet to receive a $50 credit per session volunteered (up to two sessions) to offset the fee increase.
  7. The Group placements are attached to this email (/wissc/UserFiles/File/groupsSC2017revised(1).pdf ) -please make sure to register for the appropriate group. If you are not listed in the group placements, please contact Head Coach David Westfahl to determine the appropriate group.

If you have any other questions, please contact Head Coach David Westfahl at [email protected] or 414-861-7946.