Weekly Notes for September 4-11

New Swimmer Tryouts - Evaluations:  Each family is urged to encourage 1 (or more) potential swimmer(s) to attend this weeks Swimmer Evaluations. They will be held on Tuesday & Wednesday, Sept. 5-6, anytime between 5-7pm.  At Brookings High School.  They only need to attend one of these dates. Should only take about 10-minutes for the Evaluation.  They'll then be told of the Swim Club Group or Swim America Lesson... dates, times, etc. Swimmers being placed onto the Club can then start to attend the 2-week Stroke Clinic being held on September 5-8 & 11-15.  


New ​Stroke Clinic:  For swimmers in Bronze through Senior Groups.  Clinic Dates will be September 5-8 (Tue thru Fri) & September 11-15 (Mon thru Fri). 12&Overs will be 4:45-6:00 and 11&Unders will be 6-7.  Swimmers may attend any of the days offered.


Swim America:  Session 1 will be held September 26 - October 19.  Will still be held on Tuesday & Thursday.  Same times for classes... 5:40-6:10 & 6:15-6:45.  Classes being held in the 5:40-6:10 time will be Preshcool & School Age for Levels 1-10.  The 6:10-6:45 slot will offer Preschool, School Age Level 1-4, and the new Team Prep for Levels 5-10.   Registrations will begin at 7AM on Tuesday, September 5.  


Swim America Team Prep Program:  For swimmers in Levels 5-10, who are interested in swimming competitively and be more challenged.  The goal is to “prep” them for swim club.  Advancement stickers will be issued once they have achieved a Levels’ criteria.  Swimmers wanting to compete, must join USA Swimming ($65 annual fee).     Team Prep swimmers will:   *Swim 50-yards of freestyle & backstroke without stopping.  *Master side-breathing on freestyle.   *Kick 50-yards on their front and back.   *Learn racing starts.   *Practice drills to perfect stroke technique.   *Learn breaststroke kick.   *Learn dolphin kick for butterfly.   *Build endurance to prepare to swim more yardage at a time without stopping for freestyle and backstroke.       *Learn flip turns for freestyle & backstroke, including stroke counting from flags for backstroke turns.   Will be held during the 6:15-6:45 time slot.  When Registering, make sure to click the Team Prep option in the Class Filters.


LOCKER ROOMS THIS WEEK:  As every year, when there are visiting athletic teams from other schools on school groups (basketball, volleball, football, gymnastics, wrestling), we are not allowed to use that genders locker room.  They will be for the visiting schools.    This week we have both Tuesday & Thursday which have one or both Locker Room Closings.  Some days/nights one of the Locker Rooms will be Closed so the other Locker Room will be used as "Pass Through".  This means all genders will 'walk through' that locker room to get to pool.  No Changing Clothes in that locker room!  Everyone will have to use the Bathrooms to Change.  Some dates both locker rooms may be closed... on these dates access to the pool will be through the outside door leading directly onto the pool deck...swimmers can change in the bathrooms, but will need to walk outside to enter pool through the pool side entry door.    Bathrooms...there are 2 bathroom areas.  One is located at the South Entrance just pass the weight room once you come up the steps.  The other Bathrooms are down the hallway, past the locker room entrances, towards the doors leading outside.  We know this is inconvenient for everyone, but our only other option is to cancel practices these days.

Tuesday (Sept. 5)... Girls Locker Room Closed.  Boy's will be "Walk Through" for everyone.  NO Changing in the Boys!

Thursday (Sept. 7)... Both Locker Rooms Closed.  Everyone needs to gain entry to the pool through the Outside Pool Door.


Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend & Hope to see you this week!