Weekly News (September 4-9)

Hello all Panthers,

What a great night we had last Friday! If this is any indication of the year we have ahead, we as a coaching staff are getting ready to set the bar high. The energy level was amazing, thanks to all 206 swimmers and their families for participating.   

We also had 6 fastest swims ever from 3 of our boys:

Tar Tar Jarusinchai (4), Ryan Kakimseit (1) and Pippin Kantakom (1) all set school records on Friday night, so congratulations to them.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out and help to make this event a great success. Thanks to all committee members for putting together the great dinner and having our team apparel delivered to our swimmers. We wouldn't know what to do without you.


Important Notes:


Swim Squads set in the next two weeks:

By the end of this week, or beginning part of next week, you will receive an email from your swimmers squad coach. They will be communicating with you throughout the year and you can feel free to do the same with them. Email them with questions, concerns or ideas. Please copy me on emails if you would like.


Swim Suits/Caps/T-shirts and Swim Team Swim Bags not picked up at the Gala:

Please pick up this week from me at my office. Anytime throughout the year you can drop by my office to purchase a new swim suit or anything else that has been lost or damaged.


Swim team jackets from last year (800 baht):

These are for sale for the rest of the year until they are all gone. So come by my office and we can get you new swimmers into the best hoodies on campus.


Calling all 8 and under swimmers!

Please sign up for the Patana Tiger Prawn meet; this is the only meet that is just for swimmers 8 and under. It will be the only time where you guys are all the big kids! It is so much fun and always done by 1:00pm (very short day).

Last year we took almost 60 swimmers…let’s beat that number this year.


Parent Lesson of the week:

Get our swim team APP (it can do everything the website can do):

This is your one stop spot for all that is Panther Swim Team. You can sign up for meets, volunteer jobs, check swimmers times and a whole bunch more fun stuff.


REPEAT LESSON: How to sign up for events on our website:


To sign up for any events (like the upcoming Tiger Prawn meet) follow these simple instructions:

  1. Sign in to your account on our website and then look at the bottom of the page and you will see Swim Meets and Team Functions.
  2. Click on "Edit Commitment: beside the Kick Off Gala title.  You will then see your swimmers name(s).
  3. Click on the name and another page will open, from here click on the Declaration scroll. You choose either "yes" or "no". I hope you choose yes,
  4. Then lastly you will have the option of choose the events for your swimmer. If you do not know, just leave the events blank and your coach will choose the events. This is a popular option.


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


  1. Patana Tiger Prawn 8 & under Meet (September 30th) Only for swimmers age 8 and under.
  2. NIST Falcons Swim Extreme Meet (October 7th)

This is an all-ages sprint meet. No qualifying times.

  1. Panther Palooza “Intra-squad Meet” (10&under on October 2nd, 11&over on October 3rd) This is an after school meet for just our swimmers.
  2. Panther Swim Team “Swim-a-thon” (October 19th) Team fundraiser for 2nd Chance Bangkok (see website for information on our team charity).
  3. “Swimfest” Spirit Night (November 10th after school) Fun “tailgate party” to get the motivated for the weekend competition.
  4. ISB “Swimfest Meet” (November 11/12) This is the largest school meet held in Thailand with over 1000 swimmers.
  5. 2nd Annual Thanyapura Panther Swim Team Camp (Phuket)

2 day swim camp for all ages. There will be plenty of different activities besides swim training. Lot’s of fun for the whole family at this sports resort.


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,