BNSC Meet Registration Deadline Today

[This email was sent to the team this morning. Other deadlines will NOT be posted in the news section, as they are listed on the biweekly schedule and in emails. This is just here because some of our new families may not have team website accounts yet and would not have gotten the email.]

Hello FFSC families,

I hope all of your swimmers have enjoyed the first few days of the fall season! Just a reminder that the deadline to sign up for the BNSC meet is today. This meet is Oct. 6-8 at Normal West. You can sign up on the meet page. If you can only participate on certain days, please make a note of that in the Notes box. Otherwise, you'll be signed up for all appropriate days. Generally, Bronze 1 and 2 swimmers will not be signed up for Friday sessions, as those events are longer.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, please email me if you have trouble logging into your account to sign up - some of you who just turned in paperwork this week may not yet have login information. If you have any more questions about meets, please check out the Meet FAQ page. It's under the Parents tab (you must be logged into your account to see it). 

We hope to see all of you at the meet in October to start the season off with a fun weekend of fast swimming!

Coach Tommy