Open Water Update! and Important Meet Reminders

Psych Sheets (start lists) for the 2017 Indiana Swimming Open Water Championships are now posted to the 2017 Championship Meets Page.


Club administrators and coaches please share the following information with all club Open Water participants and their parents/guardians.

Course temperature

 Course temperature on Friday morning was above 68 degrees. We are a go!

Awareness and Preparedness

Water and Air Temperature

Please take some time and prepare your Open Water swim bag for the following conditions.

Air temperature is predicted to be mid-eighties on Saturday.  Please make sure your athlete has sun screen and plenty of fluid and snacks.  There will be no on-site concessions.

Don’t forget that the water temperature will be colder than a pool competition.  It is important that your athlete be able to raise their body temperature after their warm-up and race.  Bring multiple articles of warm clothing (i.e. parkas, blankets, socks, dry towels, sweatshirts, and even hats and gloves), anything that will help them to retain their body heat after the swim. Warm fluids will also assist the process. The venue does not have hot showers on-site.

Water Quality Reports

As with any open water race venue, the water is sampled prior to race day.  The water quality reports came back within normal range for Morse Reservoir, and the local health department stated the water is safe for swimming.

Please be aware Blue Green Algae is present at Morse Reservoir.  The precautionary recommendation is to not drink the lake water and wash immediately after contact.  On-site showers with soap will be set-up next to the changing areas. All swimmers are strongly encouraged to use the shower stations following their swim, and prior to socializing or checking in with parents/guardians.  For a more extensive shower prior to the drive home, the Forest Park Aquatic Facility 1077 Cicero Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060 will be open. The facility is under 3 miles away and a 5 minute drive from Morse Reservoir Beach.


Independent Safety Monitor - Roch King-