Team email #3


Email #3 Wednesday 9-13-2017

Wow! It has been a great week! We have 107 swimmers registered on the team. I still have several families who have not registered with team unify and that needs to be done asap.I will contact them directly via email or phone.

Please check the meet schedule!

The Oct 28 in East Jordan is now on the 14th. I do not have any details yet. This meet will be a great meet restricted for all minis, development and jr groups. I'ts called the Pumpkin meet! how could it not be F-U-N!!

Registration is also open for the Boo Bash meet,due by the 19th which is a travel meet. Please talk with your coach or email me if you are not sure if you want your swimmer to attend.  Typically, if your swimmer has never been in a meet before, it might be good to wait and go to the Pumpkin meet or wait until the home meet. 

For the BOO BASH!

All you have to do is log on to your TU account and select EDIT COMMITMENT. You will then declare your swimmer, and then choose yes to sign up my child for this event.  If you swimmer is not going –you do not have to sign them up!!  All jr and below swimmers will have their events selected.  I will have the jr elite, sr and sr elites coaches talk to swimmer directly about meet event choices which is a little different than I stated at first meeting.  Your swimmers coach will review the entries and can make changes if they feel the need to.

The First ever Team store is now on the home page!  It’s totally COOL!!

Find the button on the home page and Use gobreakers to logon.  Most of these items, with the exclusion of the parents shirts (collared shirt) will be available at the Making Wave suit fitting.....Which is… WEDNESDAY September 27 from 5-7:00 PM at WEST. 

Parent Meeting #2 is tomorrow night from 6-7 pm.  at West in the community room. If you didn’t come to the first one please attend this one. We will have an all group practice which may just be lots of 25’s!!! no dryland for anyone tomorrow!!

any questions please call 231-346-4969 or email

cu poolside!!!