Weekly Notes for September 18-24

Practices:  The regular practice schedule begins Monday, September 18.  It is listed below.  A Master Practice Schedule PDF can be found by clicking the Calendars tab... pdf located above the group calendars.  Or, you can click Calendar tab...then in the 'Pick a Calendar' box at the the group and that groups practice calendar will appear.  Please make sure to look at the Practices for Sept. *** part in each weekends email.  There are many times where we have to make a change to a group on a week (cancellation, addition, change of time).  These changes are also listed in the Group Calendars.  After the first couple of weeks, the Weekend Notes will only list practices that are changed from the Master Schedule.

Practices for Sept. 18-23:  NO Saturday Practices (all groups) this weekend due to coaches out of town and Swim America Instructor Training.    

Bronze (M/F, 5:45-6:30;  Wed, 5:15-6);   Silver (M/F, 5:15-6:15;  Tue, 4:30-5:30;  Wed, 5-6);   Gold (M/F, 6:30-7:45;  Tue/Thu, 4:15-5:30;  Wed, 4:15-5:15;   No Drylands);     Platinum (M/F, 6:15-7:45;  Tue/Thu, 4-5:30;  Wed, 4:15-5:15;  No Drylands);    Junior (M/F, 3:45-5:30;  Tue/Thu, 5:30-7:15;  Wed, 2:45-4:15;  No Drylands);    Seniors (M/F, 3:45-5:45;  Tue/Thu, 5:30-7:30;  Wed, 2:45-4:15);  Optional AM's.   NOTE>>> Junior & Senior... on Tuesday & Thursday, this week, practice is early (5:30-7:15/7:30) since there is no swim america.

Locker Room Closings:  Tuesday (9/19)... Girl's Locker Room CLOSED!... Boy's will be "Pass Thru" with No Changing in Boys!

New Parent Meeting:  We will offer a New Parent Meeting on both Monday (5:45-6:15) and Wednesday (5:15-5:45) this week.  Will be held in spectator seating area.  You only need to attend one of these.  We'll discuss items such as practice schedules, swim meets, swim equipment; fundraising obligations, & other items which are asked.  Will be led by Barry & a Parent Board Member.

Swimmers Practices...Registered Swimmers Only:  Only those swimmers who have been registered with the club will be allowed to practice.  Those returning need to register asap!

Swim America:  Swim America will be starting next week (Sept. 26).  We only have 2 spots remaining so please register if interested.

Swimmer Medical Authorization Forms:  Please make sure to send with your swimmer(s) their Medical Authorization Form before they attend practices.  We need these in case something should happen.  Returning Swimmers will also need to bring new/updated forms.  You received these a few weeks ago from our Treasurer with registration information.  The forms are also located in the Document/Form tab after you log into the site.