Weekly Notes for September 25-30

Practices for Sept. 25-30:  Regular Schedules all groups.  

Practice SchedulesBronze (M/F, 5:45-6:30;  Wed, 5:15-6;  Sat, 10:30-11:30a).     Silver (M/F, 5:15-6:15;  Tue, 4:30-5:30;  Wed, 5-6;  Sat, 10:30-11:30a).     Gold (M/F, 6:30-7:45;  TU/TH, 4:15-5:30;  Wed, 4:15-5:15;  Sat, 9-10:30a).     Platinum (M/F, 6:15-7:45;  TU/TH, 4-5:30;  Wed, 4:15-5:15;  Sat, 9-10:30a).     Junior (M/F, 3:45-5:30;  TU/TH, 6:50-8:30;  Wed, 2:45-4:15;  Sat, 7-9a & Dryland 9:10-9:50a).     Seniors (M/F, 3:45-5:45;  TU/TH, 6:50-8:45;  Wed, 2:45-4:15;  Sat, 7-9a & Dryland 9:10-9:50a).     Masters (M/W/F, 5:45-6:50a).

Locker Room ClosingThursday (9/28)... BOTH Locker Rooms CLOSED!  Entry to pool will be through outside door leading directly onto pool deck.  Bleacher area will be open for spectators.

SMS Set-up:  We highly encourage everyone to set up an SMS number in your accounts.  Each Account can set up 2 SMS #'s to receive emergency texts.  Members (i.e. swimmers) may also set up a SMS # in their account.  To set-up SMS follow these steps:   1) Sign into our site;  2) Click My Account and then Click the My Account in drop down;   3) Enter SMS # and the Carrier;  4) Swimmers can add a SMS # by clicking the Member Account;   5) Click Save in the upper right;   6) Check your cell phone for a "Verify your SMS" text... this may take a couple minutes, depending on carrier;   7) Tap the link & you'll see 3 possible messages... (a) Success,  (b) that sms # has already been validated, (c) sorry, the code did not match.  If you received (c)... retry setting up the sms again.

Adding Email Accounts:  The email used to set up your account is the only email which receives Weekly Notes, as well as other important club emails.  Each Account can have up to 4 emails to receive these emails.  Members (swimmers) can also have 1 email set up to receive emails.  To Set-up additional emails... 1) Sign into our site;  2) Click My Account & click My Account from the drop down;  3) You will find the additional email areas to receive emails.  If wanting to add email for your swimmer... click Members and the swimmer will show up and then enter an email under their info.  Make sure to Click Save after entering new information (emails).   *Note... if we send an SMS... we will also send to the email account.

Meet Schedule:  The Meet Schedule was updated a couple of days ago.  We added a "Mock Meet" on October 21 and the January 19-21 Sioux Falls Meet.  A PDF is located in the Calendar section, above the actual group calendars.

Group Parent Meetings:  We'll be holding Parent Meetings the following week (October 2-5) for each group.  Specific dates will be in next weekends Weekly Notes.

Medical Authorizations:  Remember... we require Updated Medical Authorizations for all swimmers!  These are located in the Forms section (after you log into the site).  Please turn into Barry asap!  Thanks.