Weekly News (Sept 25-30)

Hello all Panthers,

We have 4 race meets in the next two weeks, so we have plenty of opportunities to see how much progress we have made so far this season. Our 8 and under swimmers travel to Patana this Saturday, then we have our Senior and Junior Paloozas at ISB Oct 2/3. The end of next week will take 80 of our swimmers to NIST to see how the other Bangkok teams are swimming so far this year.

So much fun in such a short time span, your coaches can’t wait.


Important Notes:


October 5/6 parent teacher conferences!

October 5th same swim times as usual.

October 6th AM training 50m pool ES 8:00-9:00am, MS/HS 9:00-10:30am, 25m pool Jr. Panthers 9:15-10:15


Volunteer positions still needed for next week’s Palooza’s.

Jr. Palooza Oct 2 (5 people needed)

Sr. Palooza Oct 3 (5 people needed)

Please sign up on our website.


Winter Swim Camp in Phuket (Dec 17-19) Deadline to sign up is Oct 15th:

This is an all-age’s camp run by our coaching staff in the beautiful training facility at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort.

This is an amazing team building get away that includes wet and dry workouts, team games and tournaments. The camp culminates with a beach trip and open swim for the older swimmers.

This year the trip takes place at the start of the holiday so your family can just continue on with your trip when the camp is complete.

We will get updated room prices tomorrow and I will post them on the website. I will also book the team flight today for our coaches, if you want to travel with the team all bus trips will be organized for you.

If you plan on going to this trip, please sign up on the website so we know what numbers we will working with.

Remember that all MS and older swimmers can stay with friends and travel with coach’s supervision.


Parent Lesson of the week:


Swim Meet Nutrition (2 parts):

Part 1: Pre-meet meal (night before):

This is where you can start fun traditions. You can cook your swimmers special pre-meet meal. Many families traditionally have a big pasta night, but you can choose from the list of meals we have on our website under the "documents and information" tab

Part 2: Swim Meet Snacks: During the day at the meet.

Swim Meet Snacks:

During a meet it is important to keep a constant level of glycogen (or blood sugar) so it is important that they eat small light meals (no proteins or fats) combined with some energy drinks or bars and some bananas for potassium.


Fruits (dried must have no sugar)


Sports bars (low sugar)

Energy gels (no caffeine)

Low fat yogurt

Lite popcorn

Whole wheat Bagels

Raw veggies

Dry low sugar cereals

Water, sports drinks (low sugar)
















Cultivating Passion for your sport: Does it just happen? I don’t know, but this is what it looks like (see article)


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


  1. NIST Falcons Swim Extreme Meet (October 7th)

This is an all-ages sprint meet. No qualifying times.

  1. Panther Palooza “Intra-squad Meet” (10&under on October 2nd, 11&over on October 3rd) This is an after school meet for just our swimmers.
  2. Panther Swim Team “Swim-a-thon” (October 19th) Team fundraiser for 2nd Chance Bangkok (see website for information on our team charity).
  3. “Swimfest” Spirit Night (November 10th after school) Fun “tailgate party” to get the motivated for the weekend competition.
  4. ISB “Swimfest Meet” (November 11/12) This is the largest school meet held in Thailand with over 1000 swimmers.
  5. 2nd Annual Thanyapura Panther Swim Team Camp (Phuket)

2 day swim camp for all ages. There will be plenty of different activities besides swim training. Lot’s of fun for the whole family at this sports resort.


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,