October Challenge Job Sign-Up Open

Please take a few minutes to sign up and help out at our upcoming home swim meet (Oct. 7-8).  You can do this by going to the home page, finding “October Challenge”, and clicking on “Job Signup.”

FOOD:  On Friday evening (10/6), food donations will be accepted from 4:45-6:15PM on the pool deck unless it is stated differently in the signup description (please check this).  Someone will check in your food and then will have you either take your item to hospitality or to concessions. Please do not leave items unattended on the pool deck. 

VOLUNTEER JOBS:  When you get to the meet, come to the announcer table to be checked in and directed where to go.  It is important for you to check in so that you get credit for your volunteer hours. Timer meetings are run by the head timer or meet director one half-hour before the session begins. 

TIMELINE:  The general times for volunteers are PRELIMINARY at this point.  They probably will be adjusted when the meet director sets the timeline based on how many swimmers enter the meet.  I will send out an email letting you know that the timelines for volunteers has been revised.  

NOTE:  When signing up, please look carefully at the food and/or job descriptions to make sure you understand the duties involved.  For example, the timing runner will literally be on their feet the whole time. Most jobs allow time for parents to watch their child's events-- so, no matter what the job is, you will still get to help at the meet and cheer for your swimmer!