NCSS September Newsletter 2017

Nose Creek Shark School NEWSLETTER – September 2017     

Welcome to our first newsletter of the swim season! If you do not receive this newsletter via email, please contact me as the website is our main means of communication and we would like to ensure all families are receiving the information that is sent out.

Our club has its own website: which is a great source of information.  Should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email, [email protected] or at 403-948-7895. We also have a bulletin board beside the front counter at the pool that will be regularly updated with information.

Important Dates to Remember!

September 28th – My First Race Swim – 25 Kick

October 26th – My First Race Swim – 25 Free & Progress Slips


November 30th – My First Race – 25 Back

December 12 – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie - 50 Kick & Progress Reports

December 14 – Stage 3 Fun Meet in Airdrie – 50 Kick & Progress Reports

January 9th – 1st workout after the Christmas Break

January 25th – My First Race – 50 Free

February 22nd – My First Race – 50 Back

March 29th – My First Race – 25 Breast – Progress Slips

April 26th – My First Race – 25 Fly

May 29th – Stage 1 & 2 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports

May 31st – Stage 3 Fun Meet in Airdrie – Progress Reports


Please note, NCSS swimmers are welcome to purchase a NCSA team shirt for $15. This month we are selling NCSA backpacks for $98 as well. Should you wish to order either of the above, please contact me at [email protected]

If your swimmer has shoulder length hair or longer, they must wear the NCSA team cap as this will interfere with their focus and skills.  Please also ensure your swimmer has proper fitting goggles prior to the start of each class. Your help with this is much appreciated!

All swimmers should have received their suit and cap for the season. If your suit was the incorrect size, you can exchange the suit at Team Aquatics in Calgary as long as the tags are still attached.


Starting in October, each month a swimmer from each group will be recognized by their coach as “Swimmer of the Month”. We will be awarding athletes that stand apart from their group for exceptional effort, attitude and achievements. Each Swimmer of the Month will receive a swim cap to recognize their efforts.


The pool in AIRDRIE policy states that swimmers now have to be 8 years and older to use the hot tub on their own. If your swimmer is 7 years and younger, they must be accompanied by an adult in PROPER SWIM ATTIRE and within arm’s reach. Please do not allow your swimmers into the hot tub prior to workout.

NCSS swimmers are NOT ALLOWED in the hot tub prior to workout. The hot water relaxes muscles, as well the contrast in temperature to the lane pool is not ideal prior to a workout

Failure to comply with this new policy may result in ALL NCSS swimmers no longer being allowed to use the hot tub after swim workout.

NCSS Swimmers are not allowed in the hot tub at the Thornhill pool.

If you wish to speak to your swimmer’s coach, please wait until after the class has finished. For safety and productivity reasons, our coach’s attention must remain on their swimmers for the entire workout. We appreciate your co-operation with regards to this matter.



Mykayla Rosher - Stage 3

My name is Mykayla Rosher, and I will be your swimmers coach this season. I previously swam with the club for 9 years, starting in Stage 3 when I was 8 years old. I coach because I love this sport and all the life lessons that it has taught me over the years. I hope through my passion for this sport that your swimmers will learn to love the sport as much as I do!

I have coached previously for 2 years, I took a year off last season to pursue other job opportunities, but found myself missing the pool. I am back this year to coach Stage 3 in Airdrie as well as AG1 in Calgary on Friday nights and am very excited about the season ahead!

I have started my first year of university, with the hopes of becoming a nurse at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Here’s to a great year of swimming!

Reaghan Kost – Stage 2

My name is Reaghan Kost and I am the stage two coach in Airdrie. 

This is my second year of coaching for NCSS. I have been swimming with NCSA for seven years. I currently train in Calgary with the NCSA senior squad. Swimming is such a huge part of my life and has taught me so many life skills. I hope to pass this onto my swimmers. 

These first few weeks we have gotten used to being back in the water, working on both backstroke and free style body position, and general swimming skills such as ready position and streamline. 

Jordyn Gagnon – Stage 1

My name is Jordyn Gagnon, and I coach Stage 1. I have been swimming with NCSA for 7 years, beginning with being a Stage swimmer. I am currently swimming with the NCSA Junior Masters program. Over the years I have met so many great people, as well as learned so much. I enjoy swimming because of the people. The friend group you build in swimming is immensely supportive and encouraging. I am excited to try coaching this year and I hope my swimmers develop a passion for the sport. It is a privilege to be a part of your swimmer's journey.

Ana Ortiz – Stage 1

I’ve been a competitive swimmer for 6 years. Before and throughout I tried a couple of different sports but nothing compares to swimming. Although the morning practices and killer workouts are tough, reaching a personal goal makes it all worth it.  The sport has led to not only a safe place for myself, especially on bad days, but has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people who I now know as my friends. It has also taught me many useful life skills such as being punctual, working hard for what you want, leadership, etc. I’m very excited to teach my swimmers and give them a fun experience with the sport as well as the club. 

Paige Streeter – Stage 1

I am Paige Streeter and I coach stage 1, I have been swimming competitive for 6 year now, and currently train in AG3 in Airdrie. I want the young swimmers of NCSA/NCSS to love the sport as much as I do. The sport has become my second family and I am so grateful that I have this family and I want all the swimmers of NCSA/NCSS to share the same experience I have had. Swimming is not all about training and competing, it is also about having fun with the team and enjoying the time in NCSA/NCSS. I can see the future of NCSA/NCSS being very fun and exiting.

Paige Zubot – Stage 1

Hello, My name is Paige Zubot and I am a coach for stage 1. I have been swimming for 9 years now and still loving it! I started off in stage 2 and have enjoyed swimming right from the first day. The reason I love swimming so much is all the swim meets I get to go to. Especially the ones that you get to travel for. Swimming isn’t always about the training, it is also about bonding with your team members. My best friends swim with me and that’s what keeps me in the sport. I also became a stage coach to I can teach these kids the fun and importance in swimming.


Sarene ElChkifi – Stage 3

Hello, my name is Sareen El-Chkifi and I will be the stage 3 coach at Thornhill pool for this swim season! I am currently in my first year of University. I have swam with NCSA for the last eight years and coached for NCSS for the last 3 years. Through these eight years I have hands down had the best experiences of my life. The swim team has shaped who I am and how I’ve grown as a swimmer and person in so many ways. The relationships I’ve built with my amazing swimmers, coaches and teammates are something that I can't imagine what my life would be without. I am so excited to kick off the season and I can't wait to see how everyone progresses, absolutely love what I'm seeing so far!

Katelyn Stuart – Stage 2

Welcome to the 2017/2018 season! The first few practices of this season are off to a fantastic start!

My name is Katelyn Stuart and I will be the coach for stage two this swim season. I have been swimming with NCSA since I was in stage one, and continued through stage two and three, then later up through the competitive levels. This year will be my third year as a coach with NCSS and my second as a stage two coach. 

The first month in the water was spent doing a short review of Stage One. Mainly brushing up on the basics such as streamline, ready position, along with lane etiquette. We also worked on setting up a strong foundation for other skills that we will encounter in future months. In the upcoming month we will focus on kick and body position, for both backstroke and freestyle.   

I love being able to work with the Stage Two swimmers and help to inspire their love of swimming. Both Stage Two groups have very enthusiastic and promising swimmers. I am looking forward to an amazing season, in the water and out!

Summar El-Chkifi – Stage 1

Hello, my name is Summar El-Chkifi and I will be the stage 1 coach at Thornhill pool for the swim season. I've just graduated from High school. I've swam with NCSA for eight years and coached for NCSS for the last 3 years. Swimming for NCSA for the eight years has been the best time of my life. It honestly made me who I am today, meeting new people and building strong relationships has helped me grow as a person and swimmer. I'm looking forward to the swim season and I hope all my swimmers are as excited for it as I am! 

Zachary Gladden – Stage 1

My name is Zachary Gladden and I'm going to be your swimmers' coach for this year. I am a high school student in grade 11 and I swim full-time with NCSA. I'm really looking forward to coaching the swimmers this year! They have been doing really well these first few weeks. Their attitude and effort is through the roof! We have been working on starting position and have just started working on freestyle. 

See you on the pool deck!

Sage Hornsby– Stage 1

My name is Sage and I’m one of the coaches for stage one this year. This is my first full year as a coach and I’m really looking forward to teaching my group from the beginning! I swam with NCSA for around 7 years but ended up having to quit because of a few injuries that made it hard to train and race. Since then I’ve stayed with the club and started coaching! I've really enjoyed this first month getting to know everyone and starting to practice kicking and streamline and in the next month we’ll start learning some freestyle. I can tell that this is going to be an awesome year, keep up the great work guys!

Erica Meller – Stage 1

Hi all, I’m Erica Meller and I'm a Stage 1 Coach. I’ve been swimming competitively with NCSA for the past 5 years.

This month I’ve been working on body position and kick- the basics.  We are building up to stroke development and overall endurance.

I have made many friends through the swim program.  Swimming is definitely fun, friends and fitness!   I love swimming and hope I will be able to instill this passion into the kids I coach.