Welcome to the Otters Info

Hello Otter Families!


While we are getting rolling over the next few weeks—several things that require your attention:


1.  Please keep an eye out for practice schedule adjustment emails.  As kids sign up and we establish the amount of kids in each practice group, we'll re-assess our space to make sure that everyone's experience is optimum.  This might involve moving the schedule around slightly. PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR UPDATES DAILY BEFORE YOU LEAVE for the next week or so.

          2 changes already:

          Mondays at Perry—everyone will be 6:30-7:30pm

          Wednesdays at the Geauga Y— time moved to 7:15-8:15pm


2.  Welcome to our new GO Swimming families.  Everyone who registered and paid has also received a separate email with instructions how to log into your GO Swimming account.  If you’re a returning family- it's the same as last year.  Log in and get yourself set up and situated.


3.  From your account on the team’s website, you can add/edit info.  You may add several additional email addresses if you want GO swimming updates sent to different places.  You can also add your cell phone info (SMS), as we have the ability to push out text updates in emergencies-- but only if you set up this section on your account.  Please take a second and do this.


4.  Mark your calendars:

Tuesday, October 3—NEW TO THE SPORT PARENT MEETING .  6:15 at the Geauga Y.  We’ll chat while your kids practice.  If you are new to the sport of swimming-- this parent info night is a must attend!  You'll learn from the best and brightest veteran parents lingo, tricks of the trade and all the inside info to make your time on the team easy-peasy.


Thursday, October 5—NEW TO OUR TEAM PARENT MEETING .  6:45 at Spire.  We’ll chat while your kids practice.  Different from the New (to the sport) parent meeting-- this parent meeting is for all parents who are not new to the sport of swimming but ARE NEW TO GO SWIMMING.  We'll skip the lingo and the basics- but you'll learn the how and why we do things at GO Swimming.  This is going to be key to your success with our team in knowing how we do things differently (and in our opinion easier and better!) than other teams.


5.  Visit your App store and download the “ON DECK” app.  It’s free and links up with our team website.  You’ll have easy access to your kids times, info about the team, and some other cool stuff. 


6.  Take a minute to hop over to like our Facebook page:


7.  Don't forget to use our Team store to order all your swim gear needs: .  The team receives a commission off of all purchases through that link that we in turn can use to buy stuff for the team!


8.  Practice & behavior policies and reminders:

Generally we have a 3 strikes and you’re out policy.  When we first see your swimmer forgetting to follow our rules, they will be warned, on their second offense, we’ll ask them to sit out for 5 minutes.  If the behavior continues, they will be asked to leave practice for the day and try again next time.


There are 2 exceptions to the 3 strikes policy:

·          Anything safety related- either potentially causing danger to your child or another child on the team.

·          Entering the water in any way other than feet first from a slide with one had on the deck.  This includes diving, cannonballs, jumping, back stroke starts, back flips from the wall, etc.  We will be policing these 2 things specifically the next couple weeks and reminding kids of these policies.  Please expect that if your child is not entering the water safely, they will be sat out.  There is a time and place to practice diving and backstroke starts safely.  Please help us by reminding your swimmers that safety always comes first!


9. Please be sure to attend the correct practice for your swimmer and only attend the prescribed number of practices per week.  Swimmers at different experience and training levels require different styles of practice.   Logging miles of yardage will not accomplish the same thing that spending time on technique work does.  Different drills and types or swimming sets (endurance, aerobic, anaerobic) are not appropriate for our younger swimmers.  We respectfully ask that you adhere to this policy and understand that the coaches know what is best for your swimmer.


10.  Coming very soon, you’ll see a barrage of meet sign-up emails.  As these are added to the website you’ll get an email asking you to RSVP to meets.  Please make sure to do this by the deadline and either YES OR NO, regardless, so we know how to plan.  If you do not RSVP that YES your child is attending a meet, they will NOT be entered in the meet.  At the time that you RSVP your swimmer, you will also be able to choose a volunteer job.  These are 1st come, 1st served.  Remember that we are a volunteer driven organization and we expect everyone to help volunteer to help things run smoothly.


11. GO Tech Suit Policy/Guidelines/Info—please review the new Tech Suit Policy on the website under the team info tab.


12.  Team pictures will be on Saturday, October 21 before our first dual meet.  Save that date.  More info to follow.



As always, please let me know if you have any questions!