Weekly News (October 3-8)

Hello all Panthers,


What a great race day our 8 and under swimmers had at the Patana Tiger Prawn meet last Saturday. In the end, we had almost a 90% personal best swim percentage for the whole meet. All the swimmers represented ISB incredibly well. The coaching team was so proud of all our guys and gals. Can’t wait for next weekend at NIST.

To get all warmed up, we have our Jr. and Sr. Paloozas today and tomorrow.

Remember that tomorrow is early release day; practices are 1 hour earlier.


Important Notes:


Jr. and Sr. Palooza today and tomorrow:

Jr. Palooza Monday: 2:35 warm up today

Sr. Palooza Tuesday: 2:15 warm up tomorrow. 10 and under swimmers have 1:35 practice because of early release day. Jr. Panthers practice at 2:45.


October 5/6 parent teacher conferences!

October 5th same swim times as usual.

October 6th AM training 50m pool ES 8:00-9:00am, MS/HS 9:00-10:30am, 25m pool Jr. Panthers 9:15-10:15


Winter Swim Camp in Phuket (Dec 17-19) Deadline to sign up is Oct 15th:

We are currently at 37 swimmers for this camp. Including 8 Jr. Panthers, so let’s get signed up and make this a great holiday. The hotel is holding 40 rooms for us until October 15th, after that they can not guarentee rooms. 

This is an all-age’s camp run by our coaching staff in the beautiful training facility at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort.



Parent Lesson of the week:


Swim Meet Deadlines:

Swim meets are a ton of fun and the place where our swimmers show off all of their hard work and training. But, they are also a lot of work for organizers. For this reason, our team follows the set out timelines and deadlines to the letter. It is the least we can do for the host team and we expect the same of our guests at Swimfest and Splash.

So here are the main deadlines you should be aware of.


Entry Deadlines: This is the last possible day that you can sign up for the event. When this deadline passes you are out of luck. I will not contact the host and ask for late entries. This makes way to much work for meet organizers. Our Team Unify web site has the swim meets on for sign up months in advance. So accept or decline early.


Scratch Deadlines: This is the last chance to cancel entries without paying the meet fees. If you scratch (cancel) after this point, you are personally responsible for paying the fees (between 600-1000 baht).  We are very fortunate that our team covers all swim meet entry fees. For travel meets these fees can be up to 100USD. 


Warm up times: We are giving a very small amount of time to warm up at a swim meet. The swimmers are given a very specific warm up that they prepare for during their practice times. If you are late, you will not be allowed to join the warm up half way through. At the point the other swimmers may be into sprints or drill sets and it will be difficult to join. Latecomers will do a dry-land warm up, which they also do everyday and know well.

So for the swim to start their day off right, it is best to be early.



Swim Meet Nutrition (2 parts):

Part 1: Pre-meet meal (night before):

This is where you can start fun traditions. You can cook your swimmers special pre-meet meal. Many families traditionally have a big pasta night, but you can choose from the list of meals we have on our website.

Part 2: Swim Meet Snacks: During the day at the meet.


Swim Meet Snacks:


During a meet it is important to keep a constant level of glycogen (or blood sugar) so it is important that they eat small light meals (no proteins or fats) combined with some energy drinks or bars and some bananas for potassium.


Fruits (dried must have no sugar)


Sports bars (low sugar)

Energy gels (no caffeine)

Low fat yogurt

Lite popcorn

Whole wheat Bagels

Raw veggies

Dry low sugar cereals

Water, sports drinks (low sugar)
















Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


  1. Panther Swim Team “Swim-a-thon” (October 19th) Team fundraiser for 2nd Chance Bangkok (see website for information on our team charity).
  2. “Swimfest” Spirit Night (November 10th after school) Fun “tailgate party” to get the motivated for the weekend competition.
  3. ISB “Swimfest Meet” (November 11/12) This is the largest school meet held in Thailand with over 1000 swimmers.
  4. ISB Long Distance Time Trials (Dec 6th)

For advanced swimmers who can compete at the 200-800 m distances. If you are not sure about this meet, speak with your coach and they will tell you if your ready.

  1. ISB Panther Jr. Snowflake Meet: 10 and under swimmers (Dec 7th)

A friendship meet between ISB and St. Andrews Samakee.

  1. Bangkok Prep Bulldog Bash: BISAC Selection Meet (Dec 9th)

A championship sprint meet aimed at BISAC level swimmers. If you are interested in being selected for this meet, please sign up.  If you are unsure, ask your coach.

  1. 2nd Annual Thanyapura Panther Swim Team Camp (Phuket)

       A 2 day swim camp for all ages. There will be plenty of different activities besides swim training. Lot’s of fun for the whole family at this sports resort.


  1. United World College Draon’s Den Meet (Singapore):

Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers. Must be able to swim 50m races.




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,