DACA Meet Oct. 1 Results

The DACA Meet was a great kick off for the swimmers! SOLO athletes were blazing through the waters. Congratulations to the following swimmers on their accomplishments:

Lexi C BT 50fr, 50br & 50bk

Sela D  BT 100bk

Tzewa D  

Lara K  BT 100IM & fr, 50br

Adrian K  

Elena K  BT25 fly, bk, br & fr

Karis L  BT 50br & 100IM

Julia M  BT 50fly, 100fr & IM

Drew N  BT 50bk, fly & br,  100fr & IM

Kaelyn S

Lulu S

Carson S  BT 100fr & bk, 200IM

From the list you can see that we had some swimmers with all best times. While others were in range, just a little off. This means that we are on the right path. In addition to the fact that we need to get in shape as well as learn better technique to swim faster then ever!

The "Swimmer of the Meet" award is one of the hardest things to figure out. We try and look at a couple things as basics for a SOLO swimmer. That each athlete be ready to swim by checking with the coaches on a race plan before the swim. That they warm down and check with the staff as to the things that were good in a race and aspects to work on the next time doing the race. Then that every swimmer support their teammates by helping to get others to the block and cheer (jacket buddies). Based on this meet we also had a push to get over the top! That came from Drew N who swam five, YES FIVE best times. We usually only have swimmers do three races in a day. But then came Elena K who swam FOUR best ever swims. So congratulations to these swimmers on being the Champs.

However we need to also make a special note that Julia M and Carson S swam three best times. But that Carson broke the 1 min time in the 100 free which is a giant mark. Again a big thank you to all the swimmers on fantastic attitudes and performances this weekend!