Happy Pitchfork Birthday to you Fall swimmers!

Wishing the follwing swimmers magical September & October birthdays!

Joao Amorim (Copper) turned 22 September 1st

Thomaz Martins (Copper) turned 22 September 1st

Sarah Quintana (Copper) turned 16 September 7th

Rhaul Lnu (Copper) turned 18 September 13th

Eddie Garrod (Maroon) turned 12 September 17th

Sage Roth (Gold) turned 14 September 17th

Samantha Braun (Gold) turned 15 September 18th

Caden LaFave (Prep) turned 7 September 19th

Piper Fazio (Black) turned 11 September 22nd

Luke McBratney (Maroon) turned 11 September 26th

Reese Woodward (Gold) turning 13 October 8th

Ellie Hull (Black) turning 12 October 19th

Zuri Peter (Black) turning 12 October 21st

Haylie Burlin-Isen (White/Maroon) turning 10 October 24th

Ella Donovan (Black) turning 13 October 28th

Receive a big Pitchfork congratulations and fast swimming for the short course season!