12 & Under On-Deck Time & Survival Guide


ALL 12 and Under Swimmers Need to Be On-Deck by 8:10am


Tips for Swimmers

...Swim meets start early in the morning so packing the night before is a good idea. Always get a good nights sleep.

__Extra towels – be sure to bring an ample supply of dry towels.

__Extra suits – if you have an extra suit for “training” bring it along so as to have a dry suit to change into for the first race.

__Goggles – bring them and remember to keep track of them- place them back in your pack after a race.

__Water – bring and drink lots of water to stay hydrated

__Extra / Appropriate Clothing – swimmers may wish to bring extra clothing as they will get damp after races. Dress appropriately as meets run rain or shine. Come prepared. And remember to label your belongings.

__Blanket / Bag – swimmers may wish to bring a blanket or sleeping bag to stay warm off deck / between races.

__Food Cooler – healthy snacks from home are always a good idea at a swim meet. It’s an early morning so you may even wish to pack a healthy breakfast!

__Games & Books – bring games, books, cards, music etc. for relaxation and enjoyment. If you have younger children,remember to bring coloring books or other items which will keep them entertained.

* Warm-ups and Coach Check-in – as soon as you arrive at the pool, check-in with your coach to let them know you are there.  WHAT will be assigned a lane for warm-ups which usually last 30 mintes.. Your coach will generally confirm of the events numbers that you will be swimming.

* Warm & Rested – it’s important to keep warm and rest between warm-ups and between races.

* Race Announcements -These occur throughout the day and it’s your responsibility to get to the bullpen area on time.  Listen for them so you don’t miss your race!

* Coach – report to your coach after each race. Your coach will give you tips before the race and analyze your race after.

* Behavior- be on your best behavior as you are representing WHAT Swimming.

Tips For Parents:

* Get a good night’s sleep and pack the night before the meet.

* Clothing – dress appropriately for the weather and for volunteer “deck duties”. Sensible shoes are encouraged.

* Look for our team when you arrive at the swim meet. Usually teams set-up  in a group area to create a “homebase”. The kids can socialize and everyone can look after each others kids, especially when you are volunteering on deck.

* Volunteering – be sure to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator when you arrive (don’t wait - she needs to know that you are here, even if you aren’t working until second half!). Remember the meets only run based on volunteer participation!

* Snacks- While food is available at most swim meets, it’s not always nutritional. Parents are encouraged to plan ahead and bring healthy snacks are available for their children. Having all that you need on hand makes for a relaxing day – for swimmers and parents. It is a good idea for kids to snack after each race because they don’t always have time to digest a big meal. Some suggestions include: crackers with cheese or peanut butter, applesauce, fruit fresh or dried, bagels, nuts, yogurt, veggies and dip.

* Swimmer Responsibilities – ensure that your swimmer has checked with the coach upon arrival, after each race, and before leaving the swim meet. Your swimmer may have been placed in a team relay at the last minute so it’s important to check before leaving.

* Relax & Enjoy