Weekly Notes for October 30 - November 4

Practices for Oct. 30 - Nov. 4:  Regular Schedules all groups.

Meet Commitment Deadline:  December 1-3 Mitchel Meet (in Pierre) is November 13.

SMS Messaging:  Make sure you have SMS Set-up in your accounts.  Winter is arriving and the potential for cancelled practices (snow?) may occur.  ** If school is cancelled - early release due to weather... practices will be cancelled.

Turkey Day Event:  Information should be put on our website shortly concerning this annual event.

Meet Volunteer for Brookings November Meet:  Information / Sign-up will be posted shortly for the November 10-12 Meet.  There are mandatory volunteer requirements for all families, whether your swimmer is attending or not.  Signing up for Volunteering Duties will be first come basis so when they appear... sign-up.  There are plenty of different jobs, but getting one you want to do is based on slots available.