Derry Scarecrow - A few changes for tomorrow 11/5

 Dear Families that are attending the Derry Scarecrow meet,

There are a few updates from the host team.  Please see below.

Good luck to all swimmers tomorrow!


Please let your families know that they can still park in the front and enter through the pool.  They can also park at the back of the school and enter through the middle school cafeteria or middle school gymnasium.  We will have scarecrows at the doors that are open to help you know where you can enter. Please do not enter through the High School.


Kids and families will now be sitting in the middle school gym. Swimmers will be seeded in that gym as well and take a different path to the pool.


 The food will be in the middle school cafeteria.


The coaches room and scratch meeting will be in the high school cafeteria. That is also where the coaches will pick up the awards at the end of the meet.