Weekly News (Sprintfest 2017)

Hello all Panthers,


Tick Tock, Tick Tock…The clock is counting down on our big meet swim meet this weekend. In 6 short days, SWIMFEST 2017 will be here. 22 teams and 1000 swimmers will be visiting our campus this weekend for the largest international school meet in Thailand. So let’s be ready. This week we need to you train hard, eat well and gets lots of rest so you can be at your best come Saturday morning.



Important Notes:




#1: Swimfest Spirit Night on Friday Nov 10th (2:35 pm)


If you are swimming in the meet, you should be here to get your excitement pumped up through the roof. High School swimmers will be running the practice and yummy snacks after the big cheer off. Boys are current champions in both the cheering and the dancing.


#2 Warm ups for Swimfest:

10 & under warm up for us starts at 6:30am. You need to be ready to swim at 6:30 sharp.

11 & over warm up starts at 12:00 sharp.

Sunday (All ages): Starts at 7:00am sharp.


#3 Everything Else:

All swimmers must wear our team swim suit (unless you race in an otherwise authorized tech suit), team yellow cap and team shirt (Saturday is BLACK, Sunday is YELLOW). All of these can be purchased at the meet if lost or broken.

You are only there for a half day, please bring as little as possible so not to take up so much space.


IASAS vs. APAC High School Swimming Championships (Nov 17/18th): Housing Needed!


ISB will be hosting a “first time ever” here on Nov 17th  & 18th. These two swimming conferences will be going head to head, all swimmers from each conference competing as two teams. This has not been done before. But it is a large task and they need us. If you would like to house one or more of these athletes then please follow this link to sign up (cut and paste).


Parent Lesson of the week:


No lesson this week, just a good laugh:

The 8 swim parents you see at meets (all other teams parents of course)




Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


  1. ISB Long Distance Time Trials (Dec 6th)

For advanced swimmers who can compete at the 200-800 m distances. If you are not sure about this meet, speak with your coach and they will tell you if your ready.

  1. ISB Panther Jr. Snowflake Meet: 10 and under swimmers (Dec 7th)

A friendship meet between ISB and St. Andrews Samakee.

  1. Bangkok Prep Bulldog Bash: BISAC Selection Meet (Dec 9th)

A championship sprint meet aimed at BISAC level swimmers. If you are interested in being selected for this meet, please sign up.  If you are unsure, ask your coach.

  1. 2nd Annual Thanyapura Panther Swim Team Camp (Phuket)

A 2 day swim camp for all ages. There will be plenty of different activities besides swim training. Lot’s of fun for the whole family at this sports resort.


  1. United World College Draon’s Den Meet (Singapore):

Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers. Must be able to swim 50m races.




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,