UDAC Results

Senior I made their second annual trip to Ft. Washington, PA to face some fierce competition over the second weekend in October. The meet proved to be a great success with best times for the majority of swimmers along with colossal milestones for many.  Friday nights’ distance session saw 11 Best times out of 12. Christina Levins won the girls 400 IM, Tommy Schurer was 4th, and Jackson Brookover went under the YMCA Nats Standard to get 7th. In the girls 500 Free, Mikaela Fry and Gina Mecca dropped over 5 seconds while Chloe Lin dropped over 3 seconds. In the boys 500, Reid Greer went a team record 4:39.03, Michael Sheehan dropped over 3 seconds, Jon Costa dropped over 7 seconds and Kurt Comber improved over 30 seconds from his mile time last year.

Saturday morning started out with the 100 IM; this is the only meet we go to that offers this event so almost everyone took advantage of swimming it. We had 22 best times out of 24 swims. Anna Mecca won the girls going under a minute for a :59.48, Tommy was third with a blistering 52.47. Then, Simone Manual dropped over 14 seconds, (kind of a miracle she made the event, she was in the locker room as the heat before her made the turn at the 50). The three girls in the 200 Fly were awesome as Kristina Curley went under 2:30 for her first time. Lauren Hynoski dropped over 2 and a half seconds and Gina Mecca dropped over 3 and a half. This is great news for Lauren as she is in the midst of a comeback from tearing her ACL last year, (in a corn maize). The Boys were awesome as well, Reid dropped almost 2 seconds and went a 1:54.64, and Michael dropped over 8 to get down to a 2:01. Jack Marble also dropped nearly three to go a 2:06. Anna Mecca was second in the 100 Breast and within a tenth of her best time while Christina was second getting a best time by close to a half a second. Marisa Reed broke the 1:14 she has been working so hard to get under. Boys 100 Breast was probably our toughest event and the only event that we did not have a best time in. The girls 200 Back was won by Abby Wilson with another lifetime best of 2:06.38. Simone Outlaw dropped over 5 seconds with Kylie Rodi and Mikaela Murray also having best times.

 The best race of the meet was the Boys 200 Backstroke. As chronicled on, Tommy beat out Reese Whitley by 4 one-hundredths of a second to win the event in a very fast 1:48.80. This was the only loss for Reese and just a terrific race by Tommy. The runner up of the girls 100 Free was Abby Wilson with another PR of 53.01. Julianna Wahl posted a person best by almost a second with a 55.49, Marissa Reed and Gina Mecca each broke the one-minute barrier for the first time. Five best times were done in the boys 100 free with Michael Sheehan and Jackson Brookover both breaking the :50 barrier and newcomer Santo Messina breaking the minute mark for the first time.

Sunday morning was tough for everyone to get going but we had good swims early to get everyone hyped. Abby Wilson won the 200 Free, Kristina Curly dropped four seconds, and Erin Barrett dropped almost two. In the boys, Michael Sheehan had a personal best by over a second going a 1:47.02. In the girls 100 Back Abby was second again but again with a best time of 58.89, Christina Levins also had a nice swim dropping four seconds down to a 1:02. Kylie Rodi dropped four seconds in her 200 IM and Simone dropped two. We had some huge drops in the boys as Michael dropped six to a 2:02, and Kurt Comber eight to go a 2:15. The Girls 100 Fly was a good event as Anna, Abby, Nicole Harms, Gina Mecca, Ava Snyder, all had best times and Julianna Wahl broke a minute for the first time going a 59.37. In the Boys Tommy was 5th, Reid 6th, and Jackson was 9th. In the girls, 200 Breaststroke we had an amazing race between Anna and Christina with both going way under the YMCA National Standard and getting best times. The 50 Frees where a blur as almost everyone swam the event and sometimes there where as many as six Phoenix swimmers in the same heat.

This was a great way to get our year started and a nice baseline for most of us to start. Great job to the swimmers and thanks to the parents for making the trip.