The Eagle Park Pool Cocoa Stand Is Back

Volunteer for the Cocoa Stand and Help Warm Up Eagle Swimmers


The cocoa stand is back at Eagle Park pool Mondays through Thursdays (except Thanksgiving) the whole month of November.

Event coordinator Wanda Furman is in charge of the program this year.  

Wanda will be on site every Thursday afternoon. If you can't make it to the shift you've signed up for, please find your own substitutes. If you can't find a sub, phone Wanda at (650) 521-1017 and let her know as soon as possible. Call and, if she doesn't pick up, leave her a message. She does not get texts. 

Before you sign up, please read the following:

1. If you sign up, you have to commit for the same day and same time slot for the entire month. For example, if you choose to do setup 3:45-4 p.m. Monday, please make sure you can do it for the entire month of November. That will give you one hour of volunteer time for the month of Mondays. You can sign up for more slots within the same day and even more days within the same week. Just make sure it fits your schedule. 

2. LAMVAC needs 8-ounce foam cups with lids. We cannot use plastic for this. After all, it's hot cocoa. :-) We don't want the swimmers to burn their fingers.

3. Provide small marshmallows, instead of big ones. 

4. For the parents who do setups, the time slot says 3:45-4 p.m. But it's most important that everything is in place by 4 p.m. If you get to the pool earlier, it's fine to set everything up earlier. So if you drop off your child for swimming at 3:30 p.m., set up the cocoa and leave at 3:45, that's fine.