Weekly News (Nov 27-Dec 3)

Hello all Panthers,

Only 3 more weeks until winter break and we have 3 race days during that time. So each swimmer has at least one more chance to better their person best times.

Important Notes:


Two more events that need some volunteers, please sign up this week (Snowflake meet and Long Distance Time Trials):

Over half of our swim families have completed their 8 hours of volunteering, so that means we still have many that have not completed all 8 hours. Can we please get the volunteer positions for our after school meets filled this week! We only need 12 positions for each meet. They are very short sessions after school and the best place to watch your kids swim. Last chance this semester.


PB Shirts to come in!

Could we please have all 10 and under swimmers bring their “Lap It Up” shirts in so we can add their new PB swims to it. There will be a green bin on deck for you to put your shirt in. If you don’t bring it in at this time, it will not be updated.


Winter Training Sessions:

For those of you not traveling during the upcoming winter break, we will have 9 training sessions. These training sessions will take place from 8:00am to 9:30am at the 50m pool. These are not instructional sessions, they are training sessions aimed at swimmers who can swim at least 2-3000 meters in an hour. For this reason these sessions are for 9 years and older swimmers. 8 and under swimmers who think they can do 2000 m training can ask their coach for permission to join.

Dates are December 22, 23, 27 29, January 2-6.

Add an extra day of training for the remainder of semester 1 at no cost...try it out!

Not sure if your swimmer will stick with that extra day? Well for the rest of this semster you can try for free. Just let your coach know which day you are coming and then stick to it for the last 3 weeks. 

Parent Lesson of the week:

Why do we want our kids to swim?

There are many reasons to come to the pool day after day and to have all your clothes smell like chlorine…Here is a little article from one mom’s point of view.



Repeat Lesson:

How hard should we push young swimmers? How much is too much?

Here is an article discussing overloading young swimmers and what that can do to their love of the sport long term. Great food for thought!




Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


  1. ISB Long Distance Time Trials (Dec 6th)

For advanced swimmers who can compete at the 200-800 m distances. If you are not sure about this meet, speak with your coach and they will tell you if your ready.

  1. ISB Panther Jr. Snowflake Meet: 10 and under swimmers (Dec 7th)

           A friendship meet between ISB and St. Andrews Samakee.

  1. 2nd Annual Thanyapura Panther Swim Team Camp (Phuket)

           A 2 day swim camp for all ages. There will be plenty of different activities besides swim training. Lot’s of fun               for the whole family at this sports resort.

  1. ANS Titans Sprint Challenge: Feb 10th at Amnauy Silpa School

One-day meet, small and challenging. Great for all swimming ability.


  1. ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday: This is our international home meet. Much more information coming in the new year.


  1. United World College Draon’s Den Meet (Singapore):

             Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers.                  Must be able to swim 50m races.




That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,