Practice change for L3-4-5 Sat. Dec.9th

Saturday practice change for level 3-4-5

We normally have level 3-4-5 practice at Granite Hills prior to our meets. I had originally scheduled the practice to be at 6:00 - 7:30 am. Because I will be out of town at Jr-Nationals and coach Tabitha will not be able to be at the meet until 8:00 ish, I didn't want to throw the burden of practice with the overlap of regular meet kids warmup onto coach Cassidy.

So practice for leevl 3-4-5 will be right at the end of the C meet. 11:50 for stretching, they will get in as the meet ends 12:10ish, and swim until approximately 1:30 (short practice since they are beginning to rest for WAGS).

If you signed up for a 6:00 am job in anticipation of the early practice and want to remove yourself from that job, please do so asap so we can have others fill in.


Coach Dave