This is the first of multiple messages you are likely to receive in the next 6-8 hours.

.....sometimes life throws you a curveball....

The wildfires in north county have caused Palomar College to be unavailable for the North C meet this weekend. Right now there are many people weighing multiple options, one of which is to combine the north and south meets (essentially bringing the north meet to us). 

This would affect a lot of things on many levels since we are the meet host of the south meet. Including among many other things: snack bar / set-up / hospitality / meet admin / starting blocks / chairs and tables / warmup times/ timing system.... the practice we were going to have for level 3-4-5 at noonish, and that's just a few.

I will keep everyone posted as best I can as things develop. I should know a lot more in 1-2 hours. At this point all I can ask is that our CAST families be prepared to be flexible and understanding regarding any  changes that may need to occur to tomorrow's meet or level 3-4-5 pratice due to the wildfire emergencies.

Thank you,

More info as soon as I know,

Coach Dave