Weekly Notes for January 1-6

Practices for Jan. 1-6Monday= JR/SR 8-10am;  No other practices.    Tuesday= JR-SR (7-9am),  Senior (3-5:30 (weights 3-3:30 & swim 3:40-5:30),  Gold-Plat (9-10:30a),  Bronze-Silver (10:30-11:30a).    Wed-Fri= regular practice times return  (JR-SR on Thurs, 5:30-7:15/30).   Saturday= JR-SR (7-9am...No Dryland), Plat (7:45-9a), Bronze-Silver-Gold (9-10am).

Silver Practice Change Starting January 8... Need to switch Silver's Tuesday Practice to Thursday's for the rest of the year.  Will still be held 4:30-5:30 (on Thursday's).   Why?  A coach's class schedule has changed and she won't be able to be at practice at 4:30 on Tuesday's...this would make for 2 groups and only 1 coach.  Thursday's we will have 2 coaches available to work with Silver & Gold.  Thank you for understanding.

Locker Room ClosingsTuesday= Girl's Closed at 4:30.    Friday= Boy's Closed...Girl's will be 'Pass Thru'.    Saturday= Girl's Closed at 10:30a....Boy's will become 'Pass Thru' at 10:30a.

COIN DIVE CHANGE OF DATE:  We are going to change dates for the Coin Dive.  Will now be held on Saturday, January 27!  We decided we didn't have enough time to properly advertise the event with the busy holiday's so it would make more sense to move it back to the 27th.   Will be held during each groups practice times... JR-SR (8:30-9a of their 7-9a practice),   Gold-Plat (10-10:30a of their 9-10:30a practice),   Bronze-Silver (10:30-11a of their 10:30-11:30a practice).  More information is posted in the Events Schedule (Team Activities), under Coin Dive.

Meet Commitment Deadlines:  Today (Dec. 31) for both the Watertown (1/13-14) and Sioux Falls (1/19-21).

Mentor Group Q&A's:  From 5:30-6:30pm, on Monday (Jan. 8) and Friday (Jan 12). our Mentor Committee will be located in the pool bleachers to answer any questions parents may have.  They'll be there 5:30-6:30pm, during Bronze & Silver practices.  It's an 'open forum' where you don't have to be there the entire can just drop by and ask any questions you may have concerning meets, practices, social events, etc.

Hope everyone has a great (and warm) New Year's Eve & New Year's Day!