2017 Xmas Cracker swim meet - Victoria, BC Dec .8-10

Xmas Cracker swim meet December 8-10th,  2017

Head Coach Malwina Bukszowana and Coach Corey Bradbury

Whitehorse Daily Star sports article - Dec. 14, 2017

Swimmers dive into record books in Victoria 

Day 1

Great day for 22 Yukon swimmers competing in Victoria at this swim meet hosting almost 700 swimmers from BC and Alberta. 

Every swimmer improved their best times, with lots of great swims for Whitehorse Glacier Bears. 

The Friday night finals began with 4x 50 Medley relays. Every WGB swimmer got to compete in this event and majority swam the fastest they ever had.

Girls 13-14 Amelia Ford, Amelia Barrault, Brynna Lalonde, Maddy Mead placed 16th with a time 2:25.40. 

Girls 15&over B team with the oldest and most experienced Rebecca Koser in Breastroke sharing her knowledge with younger girls Amelia Wallace, Julia Robbins, Zoe Benitah were disqualified on take-over. 

Girls 15&over A team Brooklyn Massie, Cassidy Cairns, Hannah Kingscote, Emma Boyd came 7th with a time 2:08.88. 

Boys 13-14 with 10 years old Liam Gishler swimming up few age categories and leading Backstroke leg of this relay, Christopher Blakesley, Thomas Gishler, Ben Qually swam their best and gained a lot of new experience. 

Boys 15& over Aidan Harvey, Thomas Bakica, Luke Bakica, Alex Petriw placed 12th with a time 2:05.06. 


12 year old Thomas Gishler qualified for two A finals. He finished 6th in 200 Freestyle and 4th in 200 IM, just a few milliseconds away from a 3rd position. 

Alex Petriw with his great morning swim in 200 Freestyle qualified into A final and came 8th.



Thomas Gishler 200 Free 6th

Thomas Gishler 200 IM 4th

Alex Petriw 200 Free 8th 


The meet did not include the finals in 50's except Freestyle.

Our swimmers placed high in those sprint events: 

Cassidy Cairns 50 Breast 3rd 

Amelia Barrault 50 Breast 8th

Amelia Ford 50 Fly 5th 

Hannah Kingscote 50 Fly 10th

Hannah Kingscote 50 Back 3rd 

Aidan Harvey 50 Back 6th

Thomas Bakica 50 Fly 15th

Thomas Bakica 50 Breast 10th

Luke Bakica 50 Breast 15th 



Day 2

After many great swims in the preliminaries for WGB swimmers, the opening event in the Saturday finals was 4x 50 Freestyle relay. 

Girls 13-14 (Amelia F, Maddy, Brynna, Amelia B) with the time 2:09.99 finished on 21st position. 

Girls 15& over A team (Emma, Hannah, Brooklyn, Cassidy) finished 9th with the time 1:56.58. 

Girls 15& over B team with Rebecca leading the team of much younger girls (Rebecca, Zoe, Amelia W, Julia) gained a lot of experience for the future. 

Boys 13-14 with only 10 years old Liam Gishler leading on the first leg, Christopher and Ben fighting in the middle and the oldest brother Thomas Gishler brought the boys' relay team home. 

Boys 15& over (Luke, Aidan, Thomas, Alex) after only 1:48.14 finished the battle on 13th position. 


A very good morning had 17 year-old Rebecca Koser. It took her almost 2 years of very hard work, patience, and setting an example for her younger teammates until she began to chip some time off this season again. On Saturday Rebecca was racing in 3 events and significantly broke all her personal best times again. A significant achievement as a senior swimmer.


A finals 

Thomas Gihsler 400 Free 4th 

Thomas Gishler 200 Fly 4th 

Alex Petriw 400 Free 7th

Alex Petriw 100 Free 8th


B finals

Amelia Barrault 100 Breast 12th 

Cassidy Cairns 100 Breast 12th

Thomas Bakica 100 Breast 15th 

Hannah Kingscote 200 Back 12th 

Aidan Harvey 200 Back 9th 

Emma Boyd 100 Free 13th


Day 3 

Strong swims for everybody on the last day. Swimmers were tired but none of them showed it and everybody kept fighting while breaking even more best times on Sunday.

It was a great day for Alex Petriw who not only qualified to the finals in every event but also swam best time in each of those events on the last day. 

Aidan Harvey was another Glacier Bears swimmer who had 100% personal bests. 


A finals 

Hannah Kingscote 100 Fly 6th

Emma Boyd 50 Free 7th

Cassidy Cairns 50 Free 7th

Hannah Kingscote 100 Back 7th

Thomas Gishler 400 IM 3rd

Alex Petriw 50 Free 2nd

Luke Bakica 50 Free 15th 

Thomas Gishler 800 Free 2nd 



B finals 

Hannah Kingscote 50 Free 16th

Amelia Barrault 200 Breast 13th 

Cassidy Cairns 200 Breast 11th 

Alex Petriw 100 Back 10th

Aidan Harvey 100 Back 12th 

Thomas Bakica 200 Breast 14th

Luke Bakica 200 Breast 12th 


Xmas Cracker was a very good swim meet for our Glacier Bears team. Swimmers qualified to swim 28 finals, not including the final positions in the relays and 50's events. Adding it all together gives them extra 5 final positions in the relays and .......9 athletes placed in the top 16.... in 50's Fly, Back and Breast. Besides that 14 club records were broken!


On top of all those high level placings and record-breaking results, we had a lot of good swims within our younger aged athletes. 


Liam Gishler, Ben Qually, Julia Robbins, Amelia Wallace, Brynna Lalonde, Maddy Mead, Zoe Benitah, Christopher Blakesley, & Camilla Hallock improved almost all their best times. There were many impressive swims done by those athletes too. For most of those swimmers, Xmas Cracker was the first meet they ever competed in BC. The number of swimmers on deck, or in the water during the warm-up, was a new experience and they gained new insight. During the 3-day swim meet the confidence and the independence was improving with the help of the oldest swimmers from the club; they all had a lot of fun and felt a part of the team. Everybody who was racing this weekend was cheering every teammate, the swimmers were helping each other, together with senior swimmer Captain Cassis who spent the weekend in Victoria. Cassis was helping on deck with all our younger crew and supporting her more experienced friends in many races. It was a very busy but a great weekend for all our Glacier Bears athletes, the coaches, and the parents enjoyed watching fast swims and their happy children as a part of a big team. 



Club records: 



Thomas Gishler- 6 records.  

200 Free 2:24.15  400 Free 4:57.90  800 Free 10:16.16  200 Fly 2:51.93  200 IM 2:42.16  400 IM 5:36.86



Alex Petriw- 4 records. 

50 Free 25.84  100 Free 57.83   200 Free 2:08.34   200 Back 2:23.14


Thomas Bakica

400IM 5:22.00



Aidan Harvey- 2 records. 

100 Back 1:03.57  200 Back 2:19.61




Hannah Kingscote 

200 Back 2:22.94