John 1st 2018 Note

A compilation of some things I’ve heard over the years from other coaches.

Ten thoughts for swimmers:

1. Happiness comes from working hard on meaningful things. This is the true human spirit. Learn it now in swimming and apply it throughout your life.

2. You will not live up to your potential without hard work. This is the road to success. All things being equal, the one that outworks you in the real world will have more success.

3. Stop thinking of yourself. Swimming is a team sport. Honor your teammates with your effort. We work hard for each other, suffer together, encourage each other. We need each other. This is what real teammates do.

4. Your environment affects you. Surround yourself with like thinkers.

5. Happiness comes from a sense of accomplishment. Work hard for two hours of the day and feel great about it for the other 22 hours. Take the easy way in practice and feel lousy the other 22 hours a day.

6. 80% of the effort is needed to finish the last 20% of the workout. Finish every swim of the workout. This is how we get better......when we get better is during a good nights sleep.

7. If you can work hard in practice, know that you are special. Not everyone can do it. Be one of those that can.

8. Happiness comes from improving. It takes effort over a period of time to see it. Work hard and be patient. Swimming is not an instant gratification business and neither are the really good things in life.

9. Not everyone has the opportunity to swim, but many wish they could. Don’t waste the opportunity. They don’t come along everyday.

10. Love each other. In the end, it’s all we really have.