Champs Information
IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL THAT YOU SIGN-UP ON TEAM UNIFY IF YOU CAN OR CANNOT ATTEND the LEAGUE ("A") CHAMPS AND THE DIVISION ("B") CHAMPS BY Saturday, 1/20/18.  These are two separate events on the website; and coaches need to know your athlete's availability for each champs meet.  You can commit to both meets as you have done for all the meets already this year.  There is one difference - your athlete can select his or her individual events!
Each swimmer may enter a maximum of three individual events for championships.  Diving will count as an individual event.  Swimmers must sign-up for their three individual champs events on the website by Saturday, 1/20/18.  Any swimmer attending the Last Chance Invitational on 1/20 may revise their events for championships by speaking to or emailing the information to Coaches Lizanne and Coach Nick following the end of that meet (deadline 9:00 pm on Saturday1/20/18).  Coaches will let swimmers know if they will be attending A champs and/or B champs as soon as the information is available to them at the end of January.  Only the top 18 swimmers in each event in the entire league of 24 teams swim at A champs, so a good number of SAC swimmers will be competing at B champs.  Please note that a swimmer may swim at B champs even if they did not compete in the required minimum of two of five November and December meets.  However, swimmers can only compete at A champs if they swam at two or more of the November and December meets.  Swimmers may end up swimming some events at A champs and other events at B champs.  However, if a swimmer is one of the top 18 in an event in the league, he or she cannot swim the event at B champs (if they are unable to swim at A champs).
There will be one medley and one free relay for each age group at A champs, and also relays at B champs.  Coaches will determine the relays and let swimmers know if they are swimming in relays in either championship meet by the end of January. 
Alternates for League Champs - If you are willing to attend League Champs as an alternate for individual or relay events, please make make sure you commit that you can attend League Champs.  This is very critical information for the coaches.  As stated above, only the top swimmers in each event compete at A champs.  However, there are 2 alternates for each event (in case one or two of the top 18 do not attend A champs).  If you sign up that you can attend A champs, it means you are willing to come to A champs as an alternate even though you may not compete.  SAC also has alternates for relays, which is the same situation.  Any swimmer who is a league ("A") champs alternate is allowed to swim the event at division ("B") champs.  So alternates might to get the swim an event at both A and B champs. 
Parents - we will be required to provide parent volunteers for all championship meets so look for that information towards the end of January.  
If you have any questions:  boy swimmers should direct questions to Coach Nick, girl swimmers should direct questions to Coach Lizanne, and divers should direct questions to Coach Zac