Weekly Notes for January 15-20

Practices for January 15-20:  Note there are changes this week due to Holiday & Meets.  Monday= JR-SR (8-10am);  Platinum (8:30-10am);  Gold (10-11:15am);  Bronze-Silver (10-11am).         Tuesday-Thursday= Regular.          Friday= Regular AM;  Platinum-Junior-Senior (4-5:30);  Gold (4:15-5:30);  Bronze-Silver (regular).          Saturday= Gold-Platinum-JR-SR (9-10:30am);    Bronze-Silver (10:30-11:30am).

Locker Room ClosingsTuesday= Girl's CLOSED.....Boy's will be 'Pass Thru' w/No changing.     Friday= Boy's Closed.....Girl's will be 'Pass Thru' w/No Changing.

Meet Commitment Deadline:  Brookings Meet is January 22.

Dryland ChangesGold & Platinum= will now be going Tuesday & Thursday from 5:40-6:10 (No more Wednesday's).     Junior's= Tuesday & Thursday's from 6-6:35p.

January 27 Coin Dive:  Round up your spare change for a fun time for a great cause!  Each group will dive for their spare change during their practice on Saturday, January 27.  The group that collects the most change from the bottom of the pool in the allotted time will get to choose the organization that will receive the donation of the coins:  Humane Society, Brookings Backpack project or the Boys & Girls Club.  

Every Group will have a collection bucket so start searching your car, your purse, your backpack, and don’t forget under the couch cushions! Coins will be collected during practice starting on Monday, January 15th, and will be counted and the winning group announced at practice and via email on Monday, January 29.  

JR/SR= 8:30-9am;   Gold-Platinum= 10-10:30am;   Bronze-Silver= 10:30-11am.