Weekly News (Jan 22-27)

Hello all Panthers,

Registration is done and we are looking good. In total we have 14 new swimmers with at least one in each age group. So welcome new swimmers to ISB, I hope it is a very smooth transition.

We have all of our meets up and ready for sign up, so make sure you are getting your races in before our big international Splash Swim Meet.   


Important Notes:


Registration is closed, so if you are swimming and not registered you need to contact me asap!


Swim meets coming up:

Although we have many swimmers who do not compete; for those that do, it is essential that you practice racing. Over the next 8 weeks you have plenty of opportunities to get this practice in.

Before Splash meet we have our in-house meets (Sr. and Jr. Palooza’s) and the ANS Titans Sprint meet. Please make sure you are entered in at least one of these. Sign up on our website today if you have not already.


IASAS Send- off Party/Practice (Tuesday, January 30th 1:35):

Next week our high School IASAS swim team will make their way to Jakarta for the biggest meet of their school year. They have worked very hard all year to make sure they are ready for this week. So to make sure they know they have our support, we will have a send off party for them on Tuesday, January 30th at 1:35 (early dismissal day). Please make sure we have a big crowd for this practice, all swimmers and their families/friends are invited to this party.

We will have posters up all this week for our swimmers to sign and send good luck messages.



ISB Splash International Meet (March 10/11):

This is one of the largest international meets in S.E. Asia, we have over 20 teams for many different countries coming to visit for this meet. It is a great opportunity for our swimmers to see all these different teams in the comfort of our own pool. For this meet there are two days that are actually separate meets:


Saturday March 10: SCM (short course meters) meet. Which means the pool is set at 25m, which is where we normally have it. Races for this meet are very similar to all of the other meets we have. This is mandatory for all competitive swimmers, so unless you are non-competitive please sign up today.


Sunday March 11: LCM (Long course meters) meet. Which means the pool will be set to 50m and the divider pushed back to the end of the pool. This meet is a great chance for our swimmers to get LCM times on their resume. Many travel meets and Sr. BISAC are LCM, so we need times for our swimmers. The races are a little longer, so it is not meant for our beginner/younger swimmers who can not race 50m. For the rest of our swimmers, especially those wanting to be on the BISAC selection team, please also sign up for this half day meet.


Volunteering for Splash weekend is now open and ready to go!

Sign up for one of these half day sessions and your family will be done for the year! If your swimmers are competing on Sunday, could you please sign up there first. We have no problem filling Saturday, but Sunday can be more of a challenge with less swimmers competiting. The shifts are an hour longer, but the pace is much slower and way less hectic compared to Saturday so it is an easy day (for a swim meet).


Parent Lesson of the week:

No lesson this week, just a quote from one of my favorite American coaches; Eddie Reese from the great state of Texas. It is just great to hear from the best in the world that we are on the right track here at ISB. For our 10 and under swimmers, this is the absolute most important skills to learn…they become habits for life and a huge advantage later in their swimming careers.




Thought of the Day

from the 2017 World Clinic Yearbook


"When I go to a club to watch a swimmer I am interested in recruiting; I evaluate the team. I look for two things: Do they streamline off the wall, and do they dolphin kick off of every wall. Got to do it."  


 Eddie Reese University of Texas





REPEAT LESSON: Many parents have asked me about tech suits and should they get one for their swimmer. I tell all of our parents that our Panther team suits and mid-level race suits and are very suitable for all of our swimmers. Learning better technique is always better than buying technology. I am still not 100% sure exactly where I sit on this subject, thank goodness I have a couple more years before I have to make a decision for my own swimmers.


Here is a general article, a kind of “everything you ever wanted to know” about tech suits but were afraid to ask.


And, another opinion article concerning what age swimmers should get tech suits. Both very informative and interesting.


Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:


  1. ANS Titans Sprint Challenge: Feb 10th at Amnauy Silpa School

One-day meet, small and challenging. Great for all swimming ability.


  1. ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 10/11): This is our international home meet. Saturday is a SCM swim meet and Sunday is a LCM swim meet. SCM stands for Short Course Meters, which is simply races done in a 25m pool. Long Course Meters means the pool is set to 50m. If you are not sure if you are ready for LCM please speak with your coach.


  1. Panther Palooza “Spring Edition” Feb 19th/20th (10& under on 19th/11 & over on 20th)

These are our in house meets held after school. All swimmers should attend these so that they can gain race experience and get more times in our team system. Sign up will be on the web tomorrow. 


  1. United World College Draon’s Den Meet (Singapore April 20-22nd):

Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers. Must be able to swim 50m races.






That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,