Kroc center pool heater update:

Looks like things are working for now. The pool yesterday was 75 degreees (cold by pool standards). This morning before they started running the heat in from the co-gen system it was 73-74. A couple hours later it is up to 76, and should be 78 or higher for this afternoon. Still on the cool side, but definitely better than yesterday.   (and on the way up).

Recommended temperature for competition is 78-81, so while it will still be a little on the low side today, things should get stabilized this weekend at 80 - 81.

Dave's level 4 and 5 swimmers are still going to have a team practice with RSD tomorrow morning from 7:45 - 10:00am at the Rancho San Dieguito Boys and girls club. Should be fun and challenging to have new faces to train with.  (arrange carpools at practice tonight if possible): 533 Lomas Santa Fe Dr

See the page under "events"  for directions: