Weekly News (Feb 12-18)

Hello all Panthers,

The pool is going to be a little quieter this week with all of our high school swimmers gone away on GCW, but that will just give our MS swimmers the run of the pool and chance to work with Coach Nuk and Coach Day.

We are officially a month away from our BISAC championships, so our coaches will be reaching out to swimmers who are going to be selected for our BISAC team. This is a privilege to represent ISB at these championships so if you are selected it is my hopes that all will make sure they clear their schedules and compete for ISB.


Important Notes:


Well done sprinters at ANS this last weekend:

After a long day on Saturday, our tired swimmers were rewarded with the 3rd place overall trophy. 3rd out 15 teams is a very good accomplishment. We also had multiple age group high point trophy winners who obviously had a great day in the pool. Thanks to all that came out and represented our swim team at such a high level.


Junior and Senior Palooza is the last chance to get updated times for BISAC:

Normally we have much more time after Splash to choose our BISAC team, this year it is earlier and we will have to choose the team before Splash weekend. So if you are not signed up for Palooza, please do so this week.


Repeat Reminder:

ISB Splash International Meet (March 10/11):

This is one of the largest international meets in S.E. Asia, we have over 20 teams for many different countries coming to visit for this meet. It is a great opportunity for our swimmers to see all these different teams in the comfort of our own pool. For this meet there are two days that are actually separate meets:


Saturday March 10: SCM (short course meters) meet. Which means the pool is set at 25m, which is where we normally have it. Races for this meet are very similar to all of the other meets we have. This is mandatory for all competitive swimmers, so unless you are non-competitive please sign up today.


Sunday March 11: LCM (Long course meters) meet. Which means the pool will be set to 50m and the divider pushed back to the end of the pool. This meet is a great chance for our swimmers to get LCM times on their resume. Many travel meets and Sr. BISAC are LCM, so we need times for our swimmers. The races are a little longer, so it is not meant for our beginner/younger swimmers who can not race 50m. For the rest of our swimmers, especially those wanting to be on the BISAC selection team, please also sign up for this half day meet.



Parent Lesson of the week:


This past weekend I witnessed lots of really fast swims and tons of PB swims, but there were also many swimmers who were not quite at their best and some to a point that they were very upset about this outcome. This had me thinking about why they missed their mark this day and also why one race swum badly would be worth so many tears. The only answer I could come up with that seemed to fit most situations was, in a word “pressure”! Too much pressure put on a single race or even a single event will very rarely lead to great performances. Here is really good article on this topic:



Upcoming Events…sign up today on our website:



  1. Panther Palooza “Spring Edition” Feb 19th/20th (10& under on 19th/11 & over on 20th)

These are our in house meets held after school. All swimmers should attend these so that they can gain race experience and get more times in our team system. Sign up will be on the web tomorrow. 


  1. ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 10/11): This is our international home meet. Saturday is a SCM swim meet and Sunday is a LCM swim meet. SCM stands for Short Course Meters, which is simply races done in a 25m pool. Long Course Meters means the pool is set to 50m. If you are not sure if you are ready for LCM please speak with your coach.


  1. United World College Dragon’s Den Meet (Singapore April 20-22nd):

Our spring travel meet; this is a long course meet with qualifying times, but open to most of our swimmers. Must be able to swim 50m races.






That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,