VHE Pool Closing - Practice Changes

Shorewood Swim Club Swimmers and Parents,

We are winding down our Short Course Season, with the Regional Championships this weekend, followed by the 12&U State Meet on February 23rd – 25th, and the 13&O State Meet from March 1st – 4th. The timing of the finish of our season coincides with the maintenance closing of the VHE Pool from February 18th – April 1st. Due to this busy schedule, as well as the closing, we need to adjust our practice times for the final two weeks of the season. Swimmers who are not going to State will have fun practices focusing on skills, drill, and games. The schedule will not be reflected on the calendar (since it is not our “normal” group names).

Our Long Course Season will start on Monday, March 19th. Registration will open by March 5th.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday, Feb 19th                                                    Monday, February 26th

12&U State                      5:15-6:30                         13&O State                   3:30-5:00

13&O State                      3:30-5:30                         12&U                               5:00-6:00

12&U Non-State               7:00-8:00                         13&O Non-State          6:45-7:45

13&O Non-State               7:00-8:00                         PC/SL                               6:00-6:45

PC/SL                               6:30-7:00


Tuesday, February 20th                                           Tuesday, February 27th

12&U State                      5:00-6:00                         13&O State                   3:30-4:45

13&O State                      3:30-5:00                         12&U                               4:45-5:30

                                                                                 13&O Non-State          4:45-5:30                        

Wednesday, February 21st

12&U State                      5:15-6:15                         Wednesday, February 28th

13&O State                      3:30-5:30                         13&O State                   3:30-4:30          

12&U Non-State              6:45-7:45                         12&U                               4:30-5:30          

13&O Non-State              6:45-7:45                         13&O Non-State          6:15-7:15          

PC/SL                               6:15-7:00                         PC/SL                               5:30-6:15


Thursday, February 22nd

12&U State                      5:00-5:45

13&O State                      3:30-5:00


Friday, February 23rd

12&U State                      5:30-6:00

13&O State                      3:30-5:30

12&U Non-State              6:00-7:00

13&O Non-State              6:00-7:00


Saturday, February 24th

13&O State                      7:00-9:00

Here is a  PDF of the schedule  /wissc/UserFiles/File/scfinish2018.pdf if you are having trouble reading the email.