Breaking Bones To Swim Faster! Yeah!

Its the kinda day that seems perfect. Until you get the word that a swimmer has had an accident. That the way things went down this winter for Drew resulting in a broken wrist, yikes!

But thats life, and swimming teaches so many of these amazing lessons. Which do help the individuals become such outstanding people of character. Overcoming the challenges, or giving in is not an easy choice.

Drew had a full arm cast for several weeks. You might have seen this funny looking guy wrapped in trash bags, to keep the cast dry. Every workout Duct Tape, coaches solution to everything, came out for the job of a good wrap. Right on the skin to form the best seal.

It pays off however as we saw at the SOLO Meet. After having the cast off for only two weeks. In addition to being only allowed to swim events which would allow for less stress to the arm. Drew stroked to three life time best swims in the 50 br, 100 & 200 bk. Just missing in his fourth event the 200 breast by just one second.

Just a great example of how determination, focus and stroke work can all come together. Thanks for a great experience Drew! Keep leading the pack!