Team Try-Outs, Swim-o-Rama and Other Assorted News

Just a couple of updates:

Our team Try-Outs are coming up very soon. The dates are May 10th at 9:00 AM or May 12 at 5:15PM. Here is some more Infomation if needed ( click). Pass the word around to all your friends and simple acquaintances.

Now for some Swim-O-Rama news. Prepare yourself for some interesting incentives....any swimmer whom raises at least $500 gets to pie a coach, $750 = 2 coaches, $1,000 = all coaches (includings The Triumvirate of the Novices---that’s 7 coaches!).

If the team raises more than $20,000 Dave will shave his head.

On the Novice Group front...We now have Melissa Jenkins taking charge of the Novice Group. She is a former swimmer of CAST and Unlimited Swimming, and spent several years as a swim instructor. Prior to her bouts and romps across the European landscape she Coached with CAST for several seasons. Give her a shout the next time you see her on the pool deck. Also joining her are senior swimmers Megan Smith and Scott Mai, whom will help create what I call, "The Triumvirate of the Novices."